Live for the Present and for the Future

Someone said something to me online the other day that was meant as support, but it stuck in my craw. I'd written a piece about being a stay at home mom, and how finally, after a few years of it, I've finally accepted what the role is and what it means to me. And I feel good about it. And I feel successful. You know, the same old drill you get here every gd day. Anyway, she left a long comment, and in it was this: ...more

WOHM/SAHMs: Let's Play Nice!

Why does one have to be "harder" than the other? I've been both, WOHM & SAHM. And this I can tell you - they are both hard. They are hard in their own unique way.  They are great in their own unique ways. What makes one great, makes makes it "yucky" at the same time:...more

The Circular Journey

 It's recently come to light that it will soon be time for me to become part of the workforce again.  You would think this would be great news, since I never really yearned to leave the workforce in the first place.I remember quitting my job and preparing to move.  When we arrived here, the first month felt like a luxurious vacation, despite the babies' troubles adjusting to our new home.  By the second month, I was restless.  The third month, I was looking for a job.  I found one.  A job that back home would have easily made me $50,000 based on th...more

Going back to work is never easy; I've been doing it, and not doing it, for a decade. My kids ...more

Parental Preference

For the first 20 months of my children's lives, I worked outside of the home.  I would wake up to the sound of the babies, change them, get their milk ready, feed them, get ready for work, make myself a lunch and head out the door.  Every once in a while one of them would make a fuss about me leaving, which made me feel special but also broke my heart.  I almost preferred it when they didn't notice I was on my way out....more

Life as a Full Time Work Outside the Home Mom: A Retrospective

Life as I know it has evolved.  There aren't many more 180 degree turns you can make in life like the one I just chose.  Full-time, outside of the home, kids in daycare, 9-5 Monday to Friday working mom to 24-7, car-pool driving, playdate attending, mini-van sporting Stay-at-home mom.There are so many misconceptions and generalizations about both of these roles, and now that I have experienced them both, I have never been more secure in my choices.  I am right where I need to be right now and (all things considered) I am pretty happy....more

Teach Our Daughters Well: A Stay-at-Home Mom Discusses Careers

We were driving to a friend's house when my daughter suggested that we move to the beach, much in the same tone she uses to suggest that we have pizza for dinner or watch the Muppet Show before bed. Low-impact decisions. I explained about house sales and finding a new school and new doctors and new friends in this new location, and finally, she agreed that maybe it wasn't very realistic. Especially because her father's job was back here in the city, three hours away. ...more

Three cheers to that. I am often surprised by how much they take in and retain. My daughter ...more