The Wolf - The Dream

I remember,the single shotthat made me deaf to all.I rememberseeing Anthonyjoin me on the asphalt.I remember attending the funeralsof Edward Williams,and Michael Adams.I remember when Alice Winfieldwas carted offand locked away.They haunt me in my sleep,and my waking hours.And the whole while,Wolf watches me,waitingon the edges of insanity,for the mask to fracture;for me to crack....more

The Wolf - Hell

In this place,I wonder,Is this Hell?Is this my eternal punishment?I stare, at a bodyso familiar,and yet,             gone......more

The Wolf - Recovery

RecoveryThe first time I wokeIt was bright,white,and smelledof chemicals,and ever so faintly,of blood...I'd never liked,hospitals.Couldn't stand,the smell.I laugh at that now,for it was Wolf,who rejoicedat the scent of blood,who made me fearthese places....more

The Wolf - introduction

'Wolf', that's what Jo calls her, her other half. She hides it away behind a mask, just like everyone else, hiding away their darkest secrets. The problem is, Jo is the mask, and Wolf is getting stronger... ...more