Greetings to all

Hi everyone,Here I am, writing my first blog post,like so many out there I am a  daughter,mother,wife wrapped up in one to fulfill a role that people out there wish me to be, just because I was born a female.I live in a developing country where the old ways of doing things go hand in hand with the new. life is hard but simple.I'm lucky enough to travel and see a bit of the outside world. Its not hard to see that no matter where we are born, as  women our roles don't change ....more

Greetings to all

Thoughtfulness Thursday: My Age

Thoughtfulness Thursday: My Age I've never revealed my age on the blog...not because I care if you know how old I am, because I really don't. I guess it's just not something that has come up. Well, without further ado, I'm 27 (though sometimes I still tell people I'm 23...weird I know)....more

Self-Employed But Not Self-Interested: Female Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are starting trends that extend beyond their bottom line. These women are the owners of start-ups that create businesses or organizations that give back. Through this social work, their businesses become even more impactful as local communities and economies depend on these women. So what is it that drives these them? More than just maternal instinct, logical decision-making combined with compassion for a cause sets a standard for savvy women and men around the world....more

Every Woman Has A Mama-Heart

A few years ago it occured to me that in my thirty-ahem-something years, I have been positively influenced by many women, but I have also had the joy to be able to encourage and mentor others as well. I believe that women were designed by God for close relationships…not just with their spouses and biological or adopted children, but with all kinds of other people. As women, we problem-solve through communication, find comfort and are encouraged by community and we are wired for emotional attachment, nurturing and taking care of others....more

April 22nd 1993 – Drink’s at the Arizona

I’ll start with yesterday. My adventures started on the way to Karate. As I walked into the hallway I spotted a cute blond guy walking by on the street. I turned around and caught his eye and sure enough he followed me all the way to the door of the Dojo! it was very flattering – he was kinda cute but he cruised. Ok now onto today. I had a great and easy day at school. I hardly had any real lessons! It’s amazing how much school I miss – it never seems to matter to terribly much. Karate tonight was pretty good....more

You are NOT just a mom!

I feel like I have become a mom and lost myself. I don't care what I look like when I leave the house (to a certain point) I mean I brush my hair and I don't dress like a complete slob, but I don't wear make up or take the time to straighten or do my hair other than put it up in the good ol' elastic. If hubby and I go out I will wear make up and do my hair and all that jazz but day to day I just don't make the time. I think us moms need to try and get back to where we used to be. I mean still put our kids first and all that of course....but make time for yourself too....more

Women make men stupid, says Dutch study.

A new study by Dutch researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands revealed that women can temporarily affect a man’s brainpower, even the presence of a female name on an instant message or text was enough to have an impact.The researchers recorded changes when male participants were told that they were being observed by a woman....more

Wonderful Wednesday - Wise Words From Another

Wonderful Wednesday - sometimes you can find wonderful and wise words from someone else....more