There Are No "Benefits" of Being the Other Woman

“I’ve heard that relationships with married men are the most fulfilling,” a single woman said in response to a married man’s claim that all married men eventually consider an affair. I grumbled and rolled my eyes, so she asked, “Have you ever dated a married man, Stephanie?”...more
I'm partly with DrSarah - men (and women) who cheat should take responsibility for their ...more

The Reservations Of Womanhood -- Gone Viral

jonubian Goodmorning! Thanks for the RT! will you be able to check it out? would love some ...more

Class, Racism and Other Things I Don't Really Understand

I have to admit that I grew up privileged.  Safe, suburban home, playdates on weekends, summer camp, piano, private school, the whole spiel.  And despite being non-white (I really hate the term, "person of colo(u)r"), I often don't understand where other non-whites are coming from when they talk about racism.  Much of the time, I see it as a class situation. ...more

A Letter To Victoria's Secret - From A Real Woman

Dear Victoria's Secret,...more

What It Feels Like To Be a Woman

My senior year in high school I rode the bus to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. But not on Tuesdays. On that one day of the week, my friend Michelle was allowed to drive her parents' car to school....more

Shedding The Good Girl Image

Miley Cyrus was one of many poster girls for the innocence of childhood. She spent her young life nurturing an image that was identifiable to little girls and parent approved. Then like many of her predecessors there came a time when she needed to transition from girl to woman. For any of the rest of us that are not in the public eye this could be done slowly, getting to know ourselves, adjusting to the changes in our body and dealing with our feelings over time....more

You Are the Sunshine

Have you ever noticed that when something's not quite right with the mother of a family, the rest of the family gets thrown off balance as well?I noticed this only to degrees over the past two years, but through my own observation at home and reading various pieces of developmental literature, the 'If Mama ain't Happy' theory is stronger and more present than I ever imagined....more

"The Beauty is in the Imperfection" and Other Things We Need to Believe

This past Friday night, I awoke from my sleep in a cold sweat, nearly in tears and downright angry.  In my dream, my husband had just finished a conversation with, "And by the way, I think you're ugly and I hate your thighs!" ...more
It's past time to stop saying things we don't mean. "There is beauty in the imperfection" is ...more

Serving When You're Tired

  Do you ever just have days or weeks when you feel completely introverted and/or socially awkward?I go through these phases mostly, I think, because I stay home with 3 kids all day, every day.I have days and weeks where I am just not good for conversation. I feel overwhelmed, and overworked, and emotionally spent....more