24 Hours In A Day: 2nd in a 13 part series

Here is a twenty-four hour day.  It is the same twenty-four hours as my Grandmother's, her Grandmother's, and her great-grandmother's.It is the same 24 hour day that we ALL have....more

Marc Jacobs to Launch New Perfume Decadence with Adriana Lima {New Fragrance}

 American fashion designer Marc Jacobs will launch a new fragrance for women from Fall 2015 called Decadence, which is presented as the polar opposite to Daisy (2007)...Read more at http://www.mimifroufrou.com/scentedsalamander/2015/05/marc_jacobs_to_launch_Decadence.html#VScHD798weFp2jDu.99...more

8 Reasons Women in Midlife Need More Than Their Besties

Like many women in midlife, I have an inner circle of wonderful, loving girlfriends. We check in regularly, celebrate and mourn together, and share the general crazies of everyday life. We have a lot in common but we're also quite diverse in our interests, vocations and lifestyles. And that's okay. It keeps our friendships interesting....more

Empowering Women: Organization of 4000+ women in Guatemala (#LoveforLety)

"Very early on in life, I faced many challenges. My parents separated when I was only one and a half years old. When I was 14 years old, my mom fled to the United States. However, I was not left alone. My loving grandmother took me in as her own child. "...more

How to Get Through Postpartum Anxiety

I was "ready" for postpartum issues. I was prepared. I had my placenta encapsulated. I told myself I would ask for help (and I did). I was determined to breastfeed, even if it was hard. Since I have had anxiety issues since I was 23 years old, I knew it was a possibility that I could have them while my body sorted through the muck of my hormonal roller coaster after birth. And despite the steps I took at preventing a postpartum anxiety issue, it came anyway, right on schedule at the six week mark. ...more
Realizing in hindsight how bad it had gotten was not something I expected. But maybe it was ...more

Push Present Ideas

Oh the coveted push present. Yeah yeah, women get this wonderful new baby from the whole birthing ordeal. But was getting a husband out of the wedding good enough? I think I recall getting a ring or two out of that major life event... ;)  ...more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 1

I grew up in a household overrun with women. With 3 older sisters and a take-charge mother who ran the household, it was very much a matriarchal set up. Despite having 1 brother and an emotionally unavailable and wholly uninvolved father, the men were outnumbered and out-ruled – not by design, but simply by happenstance. So, because of the situation I grew up in, boys were always a bit of a mystery to me....more

7 Ways To Become A Better Active Listener

Active listening is an essential skill for developing your career and building relationships. If leadership is the next step in your career, start thinking about your own challenges you’ve had when speaking to a team member, your boss or any stakeholder within the organization. Consider how paying acute attention to what your audience is really looking for helps your career in the following ways:Define your personal brandGain buy-in from key stakeholdersPromote your brand, services and productsNavigate through difficult situationsMotivate and engage your teams and multiple departmentsLearn and gain new perspectives for your continuous improvementFollow directionsActive listening is a challenging skill requiring consistent practice. Your emotions, experiences, workload and knowledge are just a few examples of what clouds intentional listening and adds bias during conversations. When you are focused on listening, the point is to gather information and gain perspective so you can accurately respond to what your audience needs.As a career coach, I practice my active listening skills on a regular and consistent basis. Below are the steps I apply to continuously improve my active listening skills needed to help my clients dig deep and discover the solutions to their own challenges from within.Stay present. This requires self-awareness and realizing when your mind begins to wander to your own to-do lists, where you want to go to lunch, or that show you watched the other day. When this happens, reel yourself back to the conversation you are having.Don’t plan your rebuttal or response while your audience is talking. This goes back to staying present–if you are already thinking about how you’re going to respond, you are not listening. You will have time to think of your response after they finish speaking.Don’t be judgmental or emotional. During your conversation, your audience might say something that strikes a chord or hurts your feelings. Instead of reacting, remind yourself of your role in the conversation–to gain perspective and gather information. An example of this type of situation could be when you’re receiving performance feedback. Don’t take it personally, and focus on the content of the message instead.Show your audience you are listening by using verbal and nonverbal cues. Eye contact and engaged body language shows the person you are paying attention. If you are on the phone, your audience will feel engaged when you say, “Ok”, “Uh-huh” or “I’m listening”, occasionally during pauses in the conversation.Let the person finish speaking without interruption. If there is something you didn’t understand during the conversation, ask when they finish. This lets your audience know you care about their thoughts and you are taking the time to engage.Ask questions and offer feedback. Beginning your responses with, “It sounds like…” or “I’m hearing…” lets your audience know what you are understanding from the conversation. In addition, it lets your audience know which points of the conversation needs clarification or something they overlooked.Respond with your audience in mind. After taking the time to listen to your audience’s situation, feedback, thoughts or concerns, share your thoughts without including your own agenda. Treat the person you’re speaking to the way he or she would like to be treated.Active listening takes time and practice, and these steps can be applied any time you have a conversation with someone, whether at home or work. You’ll know when you’re active listening skills are improving when you observe others seeking your counsel or people recognize you as a good listener.Are you finding it difficult to remove your judgment, bias or emotions from crucial conversations at work and home? Schedule a consultation with me to learn how you can overcome this to define your personal brand and improve all relationships in your life....more

I call bullshit on… final destinations

At 18 I wanted to be a writer. Or an artist. Or an interior deisgner. Or a prison warden. Or a social worker. Or a housewife. Twenty five years later, I'm a little of all of them - but I still haven’t reached that destination point where I am satisfied with my lot in life. And thank the Universe for that. ...more

The Haunted [Networking] Forest