I call bullshit on… final destinations

At 18 I wanted to be a writer. Or an artist. Or an interior deisgner. Or a prison warden. Or a social worker. Or a housewife. Twenty five years later, I'm a little of all of them - but I still haven’t reached that destination point where I am satisfied with my lot in life. And thank the Universe for that. ...more

The Haunted [Networking] Forest

Day 25 NaBloPoMo: Sleep Deprivation

I'm not sure if this is a smart thing.  I am going to post while sleep deprived.  It is a holiday week and as the snow falls, I'm actually caught up on everything two days before Thanksgiving.  ...more

From 40 to 50 at the Speed of Life: Ten Lessons I Learned in Midlife

Listen long enough to any group of women who have celebrated their milestone 40th birthday and among all the commiseration over dull complexion, new wrinkles, gray hair, thickening waists, fatigue, insomnia and just plain feeling like our bodies have betrayed us, you will hear the big four-O question, “What have you learned that’s made your life better after forty?”...more

Nuns, Priests, and Equality Day 18 NaBloPoMo

I have questions.Why are women fighting to become priests?Why aren't women fighting for equal job rights as nuns?Why not break barriers for nuns to lead services and administer the sacraments?Wouldn't that be the epitome of the women's movement?  To gain equality while wearing our femaleness?  Isn't that what we are fighting for? .... to broaden our job description?...more

Day 15 NaBloPoMo; Empty Fridge = Good Thing?

How on earth can an empty fridge equate to a good thing?It took a few times before I caught it, but I was standing there in front of a near empty fridge trying to plan our next meal the day before payday ... and it felt good that I didn't have to throw food out.WoW! About three payday's in a row, I bought what I needed and followed through with all my meal plans....more

Day 14 NaBloPoMo; Drop the Competition

Take one day and count how many times you felt the pang of competition.   All of it; from you and against you.  No one has to know what you are doing, just go through your day being aware.  There are so many different kinds:Racing against timebe on timeto get it all done on time.besting your former timeCompetition between people...more

Jayn Doe/Western North America/2014

Meet Jayn...more

Jayn Doe/Western Canada/2014

Jayn Doe is an amalgamation. She is a self-proclaimed introverted “Jack of all trades and master of none”, fueled by anger, cynicism and passion. She concedes that her “life would probably be easier if [she] was interested in one thing exclusively”, as she quickly lists off just a few of her interests: music (she plays several instruments), visual arts, knitting, sewing and cooking. ...more

Day 12: NaBloPoMo; Writers Block and How I Deal

Typically I don't have a problem with writer's block.  Usually, I get mad that I have to stop writing and go to work. Since I'm never writing when the best ideas come, I'm always jotting ideas down and making notes.  My friend at witty word smith came up with some personal notebooks for the writers association and calls them itty-bitty Brainstorm Dissipation Prevention Devices.   Yeah, I need that....more