Benefits of Taking Online Courses for Your Next Career Move

Loraine is a content writer with a background in marketing. Check out her services at lorainecouturier.comEverything you do is revolving around the internet. You pay your bills, you communicate, you find out how to do things and you find useful resources to help you with your work day. Online education is becoming the way of the future and it allows you to kickstart any career. With so many benefits to taking courses online, the real question is why you would choose to do it any other way....more

Stalking: The Impact It Has On Women

Back in college, I remember this guy I bumped into while getting by books in the school's bookstore. His name was *Mick. Back in the 1990's, wearing jean overalls was the thing. I only mention that because his opening line to me was, “Do you like to garden?” I was taken back by the question, just smiled, and walked away. He approached me again and then said, “I see you like to wear overalls. I like those too.” I looked at him and said, “Great,” and just got my books and left thinking I was never going to see that dude again....more
SweetStephanie7 Stalking isn't a sign of love either & isn't the right of a partner. No ...more

She Disappoints Me

Women are some of the bravest strongest people in the world. They have potential. They are capable. They are the keepers of the culture. They are superheroes. They are magic. And I believe in them.I do believe in them.But still, there is that one woman that disappoints me always. Whether she is Laura, Mariam, Sandra, or Manar; she disappoints me.She disappoints me:The woman who never knows how to take control of her life....more

Six Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Fear

Do You Have Mental Strength?Why do you work out every day? Because you want your body to be strong, fit, and toned.  It’s healthy for you.  It’s the same way with your mind. When you give your mind a daily workout, you grow personally and professionally, you sustain a positive mental outlook, and it helps you expand your boundaries....more

Men Vs Women: Thanksgiving Planning Edition

The Holidays are such a busy time a year, aren't they folks? Ahh, yes. A chorus of ladies yelling out "Yes! Oh my gosh I am going to lose my freaking mind! There's too much to do!" as they march off to the grocery/department/black friday store with detailed, meticulous lists in hand, soft leather handbags slung over their shoulders, sensible flats covering tired Mama feet, a messy ponytail swinging behind them.Where are the guys? I didn't hear any of them call out. Hello? (Adele voice), "Can you hear me?"Nothing....more

From where I stand: Souhad Azennoud

Crossposted from UN Women. ...more

Top Tips For Women In The Welding Industry

The welding industry may seem like an all-male preserve from the outside, but there are actually a lot of women considering entering this career path. It is estimated that around 5% of welders are currently women, but this number is set to increase as the welding industry looks to fill a burgeoning skill shortage. If you’re trying to work as a welder, or are already in the industry and want to take the next step, these tips will help you be a better welder in no time....more

She's Pretty Good, Not Inspirational - A Critique of DWTS

October is Dwarfism Awareness month....more

What Makes Me Feel Empowered

As a feminist, a lot of my daily life is made up of self discovery. Part of this self discovery is discovering how I feel empowered. This took me longer than other women, and some other women are still on that journey. These are some things that make me feel empowered. ...more

Souled Out: Donald Trump and the Women Who Are Paid To Love Him

In 1993, Oprah Winfrey starred in a TV movie called "There Are No Children Here" It was about a single-mother (Winfrey) trying to keep her young children from being swallowed up by the mean Chicago streets. When her middle son starts to dip his toe a bit in the  murky waters of gang affiliation, Oprah admonishes him. "We aint selling our souls to the devil today." ...more