Women Who Inspire: Meet Laurie

A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch browsing through Facebook, when I came across a community page called "Emily's Heart". This page was created by her mother Laurie, and follows Emily's journey to recovery from open heart surgery. I felt instantly connected to this family. They have invited viewers into their lives with pictures and live video updates along the way....more

Women Who Inspire: Meet Tara

Tara is one of the strongest women I know. She is a mother, but not just any mother. She is a mother to a heart warrior. Her sweet little daughter Tessa has Congenital Heart Disease. This means that in her young little life, she has had to undergo many surgeries and may face more in the future as she grows. As a mother, all we want for our children is be safe and healthy. We feel their fear. We feel their pain. We would be anything to take it away. I admire Tara's strength and how she stays so strong for Tessa....more

Why More Women Are Drawn to Online Learning Programs

For many women returning to education later in life and enrolling in on-campus classes isn’t an option. With all of the commitments that come with adulthood, such as working full time and looking after a young family, many women – especially moms – give up on their academic dreams due to a simple lack of time....more

Football camps in Jordan plant seeds of friendship and cohesion

Crossposted from UN Women. For Syrian refugees in Jordan, integration into the Jordanian society is fraught with challenges. Mistrust and rumors taint how each group perceives the other. A project by UN Women organized football camps for adolescent girls, where Jordanian and Syrian girls built friendships and social cohesion. ...more

Women In The 21st Century: Reliving The Sixties In Your Sixties

No one but a boomer can understand just what living life in the 21st Century is like to someone who lived through that period of radical change. Prior to the hip generation women were given little freedom and had fun only when it was comfortable for the family....more

Summer Re Fresh

Most of you know that I am currently packing and purging our stuff. Due to our miserable circumstances here, I made the decision just to go for the full time not just a week. We need to get away and decompress....more

5 Group-Based Activities to Stay Fit and Healthy

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise and stay fit? If so, you are not alone, because millions of people feel the same way. However, if you participate in physical activities as part of a group, you are more likely to succeed and keep participating in these activities. Below are five of the most effective ways to do this. ...more
Exercise doesn't have to feel like work, it can be fun too! I hope you enjoy this article of ...more


If it’s true we learn by doing, I have learned. I have learned of something so abominable that is happening to young women worldwide but is also happening right in The United States of America.It began in my conducting research for a showfeaturing the author Joni Binder and her book MILE 46, FACE TO FACE IN MAASAILAND, and pioneering women’s advocate, the founder of Futures Without Violence, Esta Soler....more

Tom Ford New Advertising Campaign is Sultry yet Restrained {Perfume Images & Ads}

 Tom Ford Releases New Advertising Campaign For Tobacco Oud ...more

Plumbing the Depths for Antidepressants

You may think that the worst part of visiting the gynecologist each year is stepping on the scale. You are wrong.I wouldn’t visit my gynecologist annually except that he is the one who prescribes my Prozac. You know you’re clinically depressed when even your nether region is sad....more