Women Empower Women

My personal blog, Vivi e impara, translates to live and learn from Italian to English. The purpose of my blog is to encourage women to become their best and most authentic self. Through my combined writing and photography efforts, I hope to inspire others to become their best version of themselves - without competition or envy....more

On Pregnancy and Loss: How to Deal With the Pain of Miscarriage

I wish I could share some happier news with you. ...more
JenniferBArlin Thank you Jennifer, and I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with this, too.more

Are Gender Disparities in the Legal Industry Real?

In recent years, women in law have made advances in attaining workplace gender equality. Still, female attorneys only earn 87 percent of male attorneys’ salaries, and women continue to face inequality in the legal industry when it comes to growth opportunities and income....more

Ten things only a woman understands

Scroll down to the bottom for my list of Top 10 things only women understandI’m a big fan of lists.At work, I have a “To Do” list. It’s supposed to keep me on track, making sure I stay on top of projects and get things in on time but it usually becomes more of a “Put This Off Until Someone Asks You For It” list.I also have a “Honey Do” list at home. But he’s not the handiest of honeys and so that list just becomes the “Crap We Need to Pay Someone To Do” list.So, I’m on record as pro lists....more

How Much Do YOU Think Is TOO Much Social Media?

How much is TOO MUCH social media?by Bonnie FrankIs there such a thing as too much social media? How can you tell if you "suffer" from it?...more

How Things Have Changed for Women

Then: Man in bar asking, "Can I buy you a drink?"  Now: Man on street asking, "Can you help me get something to eat?"  Then: Men trying to undress us Now: Men telling us to undress require a co-pay Then: Cinch beltsNow: SpanxThen: Obscene phone callsNow: Nigerian scammersThen: "Promise you won't tell"Now: Forgetting you already told itThen: "Let me show you my new shoes"...more

An Exercise Conversion Chart For Moms

I am, by all accounts, the laziest Mom I know when it comes to physical fitness. Don’t be fooled by my Lose The Weight board on Pinterest. Judging by the 423 pins on there you would think I’m sporting some chiseled girly abs by now, but no. I’m not....more

Clearly a wife, vaguely a professional

What happens when people don't see you as you see yourself? Should you be offended?Recently, the hubs and I were at a community event. I was in attendance as spousal support. Arm candy, if you will. <I'm laughing as I type that.>Spousal support = verbal filter fully engaged. Don't be an idiot. Tuck in the crazy....more

I dare you to mentor

I dare you to mentor  I attended an ...more

Have you had a Look Up Moment?

Happy Look Up Day everyone!For some of you, this is a new concept. However, there are many who have been celebrating Look Up day for years. For those new to Look Up Day, welcome.Look Up Day is celebrated every 27th of the month to remind you to:1) Be aware of your surroundings...more