Excommunicated from the Mormon Church for Women's Advocacy: My Daughter, Kate Kelly

On Monday, I sat in a state of quiet panic waiting for the news I feared most, dreading the ringing of my phone. And then it came: My daughter, Kate Kelly, was excommunicated from the Mormon church for “conduct contrary to the laws and order of the church” after publicly advocating for the ordination of Mormon women to the church’s priesthood. The life was sucked out of the room. I sat in stunned silence—speechless and immobile....more
Wow, how loving and inclusive of you, Brooke. Your response totally makes me want to go back to ...more

Spiritual and Religious Shifts in America

Spiritual Transformation in America: What it means to all of usThe United States is reported to be the most religious nation in the Western world. Nevertheless, major shifts are taking place in affiliation, observance, and practices. Exposure to different cultures, religions and spiritual practices is influencing what we think and what we believe. Tough questions are asked; contradictions are explored; conventional wisdom is challenged....more