Ghosts of my childhood

I see a hint of her from the corner of my eye as I walk down a busy street. There she is watching me through store windows that distort my already misshapen body like funhouse mirrors. When I try to catch her spying on me, she vanishes.Sitting in the neighborhood cafe, sipping coffee with two creams and a sugar, picking praline pecans from my cinnamon roll, I feel her disapproving stare on my exposed neck. Reaching up to settle my prickling skin, I nervously laugh at my foolishness....more

Embracing My Pregnant Body

This past weekend I spent several wonderful days with a few of my college friends on Cape Cod, celebrating the engagement of one of them to her fiance.The weather was absolutely perfect, the company of course wonderful. I have been fortunate that I have had ample opportunities to hang out with this particular group, almost more than I usually do in a typical summer....more

Fairest of them All?: Mirror Fast: Fad or Fix?

“And when we come back, the story of a woman who went a month without looking in a single mirror.” That statement was enough to shake me from my exercise stupor as I took a few more punishing laps with the elliptical. It sounded gimmicky and more than a little extreme, the two elements driving most popular trends. I was admittedly intrigued....more

Making Peace with Scars and My Self-Image

I was in my early forties when I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips. Unable to cross a room without two canes or a walker, I couldn't stand at the kitchen counter long enough to open a can of soup, let alone prepare a decent family meal. The pain in my left side was almost unbearable, but I couldn't stomach the pain meds my doctor kept prescribing. Worst of all, my only child was in middle school and I was too exhausted to drive the carpool, let alone volunteer for his extra-curricular activities. ...more
What a great woman you are!I salute you for the strength you have displayed.Scars --physical or ...more