Jamberry's #GoForGold Nail Art Supports US Olympians

Be part of the Olympic experience by wearing Jamberry's #GoForGold nail art. -PJ Gach...more
How fun! Love the designs :)more

Winter Olympics: Canadian Women Own the Podium

You might have seen it on a T-shirt. Or perhaps you've heard a Canadian woman declare it. We now have proof, though -- Canadian women really do kick ass. To date in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canadian women have won 13.5 of Canada's 17 medals. ...more

And I didn't even *see* that whole apology thing until a couple of hours ago. Yes, own the ...more

Can a Female Be Both Sexy and Tough?

A couple weeks ago WNBA star Chantelle Anderson wrote a thought provoking piece for Yardbarker called The Choice Between Sports and Sex Appeal. It really stuck me. Listen to what she wrote: ...more

I never thought about how a woman can look athletic -or tough - and not look sexy. Or look sexy ...more

The Balancing Act of Olympic Moms

You may have read my earlier post about  Olympic Moms at the Games in Beijing. Well, the games are almost over now and the mommies have done an outstanding job balancing motherhood and the demands of the Olympics. Congrats to all of them.  ...more

Olympic Moms at the Games in Beijing

Running, dashing, climbing, and jumping are just a few of the mommy events that can make even the most athletic of us feel exhausted by the end of the day. So how do approximately 20 U.S. moms balance the 3 a.m. diaper changes, the carpooling, and the toddler play dates of motherhood with their Olympic dreams?    ...more