Radio - live w BlogHer, Saturday July 13, 9-9:30AM CT

I blog, farm and host a wkly show, Deep Roots Radio. Tomorrow I'll interview BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page about this dynamic website and the thousands of woman who blog and network on this platform. Join us: July 13, 9-9:30 AM CT Where: live on the Internet, Why: Hear why BlogHer can benefit women bloggers. My interest is in reaching women bloggers who explore the many connections between what we eat and how it's grown....more

Never Underestimate Women Who Blog and Tweet

Feel free to use this image to let Rush's advertisers know we've had enough!Cynthiahttp://www.cynthiasblog.comhttp://www.hulahooppress.com ...more

In the company of Women

In the company of women I feel stronger. There is just something about spending time with women that brings me back to both a healing and invigorating place. I don’t mean to sound as if I’m flying out there in la, la, land but women hold some incredible power and despite how much we talk about this power, I still don’t think we fully celebrate it. That strong, nurturing, knowledgeable, intuitive and creative force is something to admire and it may be now, more than ever, that we are dialing up the energy. ...more

New to You! Blog Saturday


New to You! Blog Saturday


New to You! Blog Saturday

Yay, for Saturday!! I hope everyone is getting closer to being ready for the Christmas holiday. :) I can't believe Christmas is 2 weeks from tomorrow! Where has this year gone?? ...more

The Einstein Of Fashion Fixers. No More Embarrassing Mishaps!

{by} Sasha | Crows' Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite...more

Roundup - 25 Career and Business Women Bloggers Worth Reading

In my role as Section Editor for Career & Business at BlogHer I get to scour the internet looking for quality content to help you succeed. Career and business is central to many of our lives and yet it can sometimes feel hard to find voices that resonate with our heart, provide practical advice, and generally make us feel not so alone in our own journey. ...more
That is so true, Paula. A support is always needed in each and every walk of life. One thing I ...more

What I Learned at BlogHer ’11

Last week I attended the annual BlogHer Conference fir the second time. For me, BlogHer 10 was all about being pregnant and packing for my first blog conference...until I got there and realized there was so much more too it....more

Must-Read Political Blogs by Women

So many amazing blogs written by women cover politics these days that it's become virtually impossible to find, list, organize or categorize them all. While some have tried, the content shifts often enough that any list built six months ago is already obsolete. After working on researching and building this list for nearly a month, rather than attempting to include every angle and everyone, I finally gave up. ...more
Another blog to consider including is