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You're Never Alone in the Fire

Ever noticed when you go through the deepest darkest seasons of life, you often feel alone? You know your family and friends are there, but you still feel all by yourself. You are certain that God is with you, but you cannot "feel" His presence as much as you long to. Sometimes, painful-laden grief can be so severe, so intense and so piercing that it can render you spiritual numb. During these season, even the Word of God can feel like it's not penetrating - not getting through. But it is and He's still there....more

☆Happy Mother's Day – May 10, 2009☆

Since today - May 10, 2009 - is the day of Mother's Day in the US/Canada. It is also celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India each year on the second Sunday of May. I want to wish all of you moms out there a really peaceful Mother's Day. Mother's Day here in Sweden is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, which this year will take place on May 31. -Jeanette Spellbound Sky ...more

From Sweden with <3

My second blog entry at BlogHer : ) I just created a group named Swedes and other Scandinavians : ). It is a group open to everyone who might be interested of the everyday life in Sweden from a Swedish womans point of view. I am also hoping to find more Swedes and Scandinavians here at BlogHer as well:) I have in mind to put up topics about Swedish traditions, food, recipies and a lot more. So if you are interested, don't hesitate to join my group/forum here at BlogHer and become a part of my corner of the world :)  Take Care! -Jeanette ...more

Hello from Sweden!

This is my first visit and my first blog entry here on BlogHer : ) I like this idea of a community for women who blog. I found this site really inspiring and of course as blogger myself, I want to be a part of it as well : ).  We all blog for different reasons. It is a way to express your self with whats on your mind. Some might be more talented than others of course but that doesn't really matter. It is in the way people write that is interesting to be able to take a part of.  ...more

Connections Equal Creativity

We always hear that building professional networks is vital to success, but it should also be noted that your network should reach beyond friends. ...more

You'll Get Worms!

When I was little my mother would made cake or cookies but we were never allowed to eat the raw dough. "You'll get worms for god's sake!" she'd cry. Occassionally, we were allowed to lick the spoon clean of cake batter. But later, my sister and I would lie in our beds and admonish ourselves for being so greedy. Now we would both have bellies full of nightcrawlers writhing to get out. ...more

Blogging as Therapy to My Soul

I've been so busy at work lately that I neglected my blogs. Even if I want to blog at the end of the day, I can't blog because I am either passed out or too tired to think of anything to write. Thank God for a long holiday (Holy week) I am taking my sweet time to blog, blog, blog. Just tonight I realized the true value of my blogs and blogging in particular. It's not the monetary benefits but it's beyond a few bucks that made me appreciate blogging and thankful that I can blog. So here's my list of why blogging became a therapy to my soul:  ...more

Textbooks in the Fridge

Life with kids means lots of things will go missing. At my house we usually blame the dog or my son. He resents this because his sister is younger and in his opinion she's the less responsible one. This line of argument at my house could go on and on. ...more

Fitgirl goes public!

I went to the gym a few days ago for my first visit. I spoke to a personal trainer about my goals. Then, we went over to the workout ball and free weights. I started by doing some squats from against the wall. Then, I did some lunges with a weight in each hand. After that, I began to feel some twinges in my thighs. I knew cramps would be on their way if I wasn’t more careful. I explained this to the PT. He asked me how much water I drink. I said, “None.” He asked me if I was kidding and I assured him that I was not. He then stated, “You are ...more

Getting started is super hard! I would never workout if I didn't have my co-worker as my ...more