Every Experience Counts

I’m reading Mark Cuban‘s book How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It You Can Do It.  Awesome book!  Why?...more

Are You All Talk?

You have some amazing ideas.  Come on, admit it…they’re pretty fabulous. Things that may seem absolutely crazy to others, but you just know it will work.  Whether it’s a new business, product, career move, book or group you want to start, you are confident that you will make it happen.You can’t stop thinking about it.  It keeps you up at night and even when you’re in an important meeting completely unrelated to your idea, you’re doodling on your folder and dreaming up ways to make it happen.And then comes decision time…...more

Relentlessly Pursuing Your Dreams and In the Meantime...

I often have this idea in my head of the “perfect” life.  You know, one with no challenges, zero drama, the perfect relationship, a hugely successful business with dream clients and lets not forget tons of shopping!Yes, it’s my own private fantasy and I am working hard every day to make it come true.  I know, I know, it’s probably not going to look exactly like that (hey, it’s my dream).  I mean come on, zero drama?  Even the most mellow of women who swear they don’t “play that game” encounters their share pretty regularly....more

The Power of Offline Marketing

With everything so accessible online, we never have to leave our home.  Seriously, we can have food delivered, all kinds of products shipped, we can google our way to finding the answers to our most burning questions and we don’t even have to get out of our pj’s to find love.  And our business?  Who needs to slap on lipstick, spend hours searching for the perfect outfit and head out to a local event?  You do! Yes, it’s true t...more

4 Steps to Love Your Career Path

While in my twenties I envisioned myself as a successful entrepreneur with offices in New York, Chicago and California.  Yep, I’d watch The Devil Wears Prada and dream of a day that I, too would prace around New York City in my stilettos with non-fat latte in one hand and the latest Chanel handbag in the other.  My girlfriends and I would spend hours at brunch followed by a day of shopping.  Oh yeah, my imaginary life pretty much rocked!!  Now, in my thirties I see things just a bit differently (and by “a bit” I mean absolutely and completely ...more

Can You Define "Happily Ever After"?

Can anyone really define ”happily ever after”.  It’s the last sentence in all of those fairytales that give us that enchanting feeling of endless possibilities, but what does it mean?  Nobody tells us what happens after the story ends?  Does Cinderella get to wake up every morning to handsome prince charming bringing  her breakfast in bed (and does that breakfast included no calorie chocolate chip pancakes…yum!)?  He passionately kisses her before leaving their castle on his white horse to go slay dragons, save a damsel in distress and whate...more

Waiting on Perfect

We all know that there is no such thing as perfect.  Why, then, do so many of us wait for… The perfect time to start a business. The perfect body. The perfect financial situation before we start giving.  The perfect time to write that book or start a new project....more

Love Your Mess

I had a blast this evening interviewing my friend Allison Nazarian.  Super savvy and successful entrepreneur and author of Love Your Mess, Allison shares with us 4 Ways to “Love Your Mess”.  Check it out and feel the love…http://youtu.be/FVe1z0ATSO4  Click here to see my full interview with Allison as she share her journey as an entrepreneur…the good…the bad…and the messy!...more

Shining in the Spotlight

In both life and business, it’s important to keep moving forward – fearlessly propelling yourself towards new people and new ideas, and never settling for stagnancy. After all, there’s no time like the present to get moving and continue advancing and experiencing the many things life has to offer....more
Thank you for this! These are excellent reminders!more

Highlights from Inc. Magazine's Inaugural Women's Summit in NYC (12/1/11)

@mallikachopra Thxso much for the RT's! Was great to see you at the #incwomen Summit in NYC-thx ...more