Become More of a Change-Maker for Yourself

In the summer of 2005, I realized that my 23 year career in broadcast radio was about to change dramatically. It just felt weird and I just knew. I started my personal transition process, in my head, simply by thinking about why I was feeling like it just wasn’t working for me on many levels anymore. Here are five lessons that I learned about my career transition process that you can apply to your own career, job, work, and employment situation today. ...more

Deborah Shane
Author | Entrepreneur | Media Host | Speaker | ...more

AreYou Looking For a Job? Be Careful You're Not Making One of These Mistakes! Part 3

Okay, so you've made sure you weren't making any of the mistakes I've already mentioned. You're scoring face-to-face interviews and you're being bold and asking directly for jobs. You'll score a job in no time!Here are the final three reasons. I hope you were able to grow from these insights.(If you to see the list in its entirety, click here.)...more

Cooking isn't all there is to having your own restaurant its just the fun part.

I own a family restauant, I love cooking and making up my own recipes and also following old family recipes and new ones from friends.  I love BBQ's, Roasting garlic to cook with, spending time with my family in the busines and out home....more

The Mavi-leous designs of M.Mavi Jewelry

There was a time when I'd lounge footloose and fancy free with a stack of fashion mags, and pour through them, studying every detail like a forensic scientist. These days, it's three months of back issues and 4.5 minutes, and if something catches my eye, it's like hitting the jackpot.  Sure enough, while perusing last month's People Style Watch, I hit gold. ...more

Equines to Entrepreneurship - What I've Learned From Horses That Has Helped Me in Life and Business

I’ve always loved horses. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with them. They’re big and powerful (I’m not) and at the same time elegant and graceful (yeah, not me either). They speak a language all their own, and if you want to hang around with them, you will learn their language, too....more

Holy Crap, It's Women's Equality Day!

After spending the day working on copywriting revisions and feeling kind of grumpy, I received the nicest email. I won’t reprint it here, because it’s so darn flattering you’d think I wrote it to myself, but it thanked me for my work at One Woman Marketing and reminded me that today is Women’s Equality Day....more

Top 5 Ways to Find a Mentor and the Best 5 Strategies For Asking Someone to Be Your Mentor

Most entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and successful business people have, at one time or another, had mentors that assisted them in their career, business or psychology. And, most of these professionals will continue to have mentors throughout their lives and will go on to mentor others. A mentor is someone who can guide you (or take you under his or her wing) in becoming a better professional. But finding a mentor can be a daunting task. In this article we give you the top strategies for finding a mentor and for asking someone to be your mentor....more

Hillary's Pantsuit Paradox: Is This the United States of Fug?

Hillary Clinton is taking hits again for her penchant for monotonously dressing in an unending parade of pantsuits. Is Hillary representing the United States of Fug, or is she just doing her job in a perfectly fine, functional uniform of the proletariat? Does it matter? If I were Hillary, I'd be tempted to show up to the next Summit of Great Importance in a paisley minidress, thigh-high boots and an ermine shawl. Talking Point:  How ya like me now? ...more

While I agree with all of the comments that way too much attention is given to Hillary's ...more

May I rant for a minute?

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