Last Kiss: Divorce and Split-Ups with Business Partners

When “Janelle Booker” divorced her husband Raymond of fifteen years, it made the front page of the society section of newspapers. Janelle and her husband were the socially prominent and successful partners of Book with Booker Private Yacht and Jet Booking and Fractional Ownership Company....more

Choosing the Right Business Partner

How to choose the best fit for you. Starting your own business is an enormous undertaking. One of the most critical, strategic decisions you will make is whether to take a partner.  Horror stories abound about the partner from hell and about partnerships gone wrong. Deciding whether to take a partner and choosing the right one is a strategic imperative, and if given proper focus and consideration, you can make the right choice, one that can have a profoundly beneficial impact on your business. Do You Need a Partner? ...more

Giving Birth To...   By Lianne Castelino The din of chattering, the deafening noise of networking, the occasional whimper of a baby's laugh, the clickety-clacking of fingers doing the talking on mobile devices ---- all these were on display at the Women in Biz Conference, the first of its kind, yesterday in Toronto. ...more

15 Lessons I Learned from Oprah

I haven’t missed an episode of the Oprah Show in 8 years, but it’s probably closer to 10.  I feel as though I am one of the few people that actually watched Oprah After the Show on the Oxygen channel several years ago.  I loved it! Thanks to my Mom and Oprah I have kept a journal throughout the years.  I don’t journal daily, but when I feel the need I grab my little black book. So, from my notes, here are a few of the things I have jotted down throughout the years. Everyone acts at the level they know. When people show you wh...more

Become More of a Change-Maker for Yourself

In the summer of 2005, I realized that my 23 year career in broadcast radio was about to change dramatically. It just felt weird and I just knew. I started my personal transition process, in my head, simply by thinking about why I was feeling like it just wasn’t working for me on many levels anymore. Here are five lessons that I learned about my career transition process that you can apply to your own career, job, work, and employment situation today. ...more

Deborah Shane
Author | Entrepreneur | Media Host | Speaker | ...more

AreYou Looking For a Job? Be Careful You're Not Making One of These Mistakes! Part 3

Okay, so you've made sure you weren't making any of the mistakes I've already mentioned. You're scoring face-to-face interviews and you're being bold and asking directly for jobs. You'll score a job in no time!Here are the final three reasons. I hope you were able to grow from these insights.(If you to see the list in its entirety, click here.)...more

Cooking isn't all there is to having your own restaurant its just the fun part.

I own a family restauant, I love cooking and making up my own recipes and also following old family recipes and new ones from friends.  I love BBQ's, Roasting garlic to cook with, spending time with my family in the busines and out home....more

The Mavi-leous designs of M.Mavi Jewelry

There was a time when I'd lounge footloose and fancy free with a stack of fashion mags, and pour through them, studying every detail like a forensic scientist. These days, it's three months of back issues and 4.5 minutes, and if something catches my eye, it's like hitting the jackpot.  Sure enough, while perusing last month's People Style Watch, I hit gold. ...more

Equines to Entrepreneurship - What I've Learned From Horses That Has Helped Me in Life and Business

I’ve always loved horses. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with them. They’re big and powerful (I’m not) and at the same time elegant and graceful (yeah, not me either). They speak a language all their own, and if you want to hang around with them, you will learn their language, too....more