From networking events to social media

With the social media world taking businesses to a new level, it is leaving many business owners confused and overwhelmed. If you entered the business world before the Internet, you know and feel the dramatic changes that are occurring almost daily. If you are feeling confused and don’t know where to begin, you’re not alone. Just be honest about it. I love it when people are honest.It’s great to be able to admit both your strengths and your weaknesses! And learning to incorporate social media into your business’ marketing plan is a great step. ...more

Business Women Have Clout & Gaining More Everyday

The statistics prove it. Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. In fact, every 60 seconds a woman starts a business. From home-based businesses to high-level entrepreneurs, women are taking control of their professional careers in a variety of ways. Why? ...more Helping women entrepreneurs with $25

Recently I learned about , an amazing micro-lending Web site for the working poor. Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. It’s an opportunity for people like you and me to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. These are real individuals in need of funding. Despite their current circumstances, they’ve decided to “go for it,” because they know they can—and they will. ...more


Recently I was privileged to be asked to speak at “Business Boot Camp for Women” hosted and organized by Boomer Diva Nation President Beverly Mahone.  The catalyst for the event was a wonderful new book of the same title, “Business Boot Camp for Women” by Dr. Stan Fine.   ...more

Be Selective with Your Time

You're a busy professional with limited time to devote outside of work and family, so that’s why it’s best to only join organizations that have meaning to you. Start by visiting several groups so you can determine which ones are right for you. Then be selective, because attending too many meetings, or joining a long list of organizations, is the opposite of real. ...more

Don't let them drain your energy, find real support!

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Get your life priorities straight first.

Deciding on the balance that you want to have between business success, family success and leisure time is the difference between judging your own success and failure. ...more

When the unexpected happens, don't panic.

Every setback is an opportunity to open another door, discover another path. Think about a major setback in your life, either personally or professionally. Now, what did you learn from this experience? Did it push you in another direction? Did it make you stronger? Reflect. What can you take away from the past? ...more

Personal Branding - it's all in what it means to you

I'm president of a residential real estate franchise, Real Living. In the real estate industry, it has been common practice to use a photo as the centerpiece of an agent's personal brand. That's just the way it is. In most other businesses, the visualization of your personal brand is your name and title on the company's business card. ...more

It's never too soon...your future starts now!

Even if you’re working for someone else, you can begin preparing now for entrepreneurship down the road. First, learn to speak up and voice your opinion. That’s why they hired you, and that’s what will help you become a great business person. Next, learn to love meetings. Determine the good and the bad about how the meetings are run. If you see a way that’s more efficient, take that knowledge with you when you start your own venture. Next, find a mentor and learn to network. ...more