Stephanie Fierman On Media, Money and Marketing

This is an advertisement for the 2008 Media and Money Conference being held this month in New York.  I’ve seen this full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal, Adweek and Mediaweek (which makes sense since the prestigious powwow is run jointly by Dow Jones and Nielsen).  ...more

I take so much for granted.


If your significant other is your business partner, the stakes are higher all around.

But when it works, there’s a unique reward in being part of a power couple. ...more

Do What You Love!

Find out what makes you wake up in the morning and smile. Start by listing the activities that you are most passionate about during a typical day at work or home. These are probably the daily tasks that you look forward to—the items on your to-do list that get checked off first. Once you’ve uncovered your passions, it’s easier to make them come to life in your real brand. ...more

In today's 24/7 world, women make over 80% of all consumer purchases across every product category

In fact, there’s a whole conference designed to inform marketers on various topics concerning the female consumer, the annual The Marketing to Women Conference. ...more

Take the path of least resistance

You're deeply invested in doing things the way you've always done them--even when it no longer works. Or you secretly believe that success requires constant struggle. Or maybe you're just a little unsure of what a better way looks like. Whatever the reason, STOP DOING EVERYTHING THE HARD WAY! ...more

What Is Wordle?

What is a wordle? A new color A type of pasta ...more

Keep a positive mental attitude, and never let them see you down

Remember that success and power are really nothing more than directed energy. As soon as you give mental recognition to self-doubt, that’s when the cookie crumbles. Stay positive! Make a list of the characteristics that people admire the most about you. If this seems awkward initially, ask a real friend or family member to help. After reviewing the list, are you happy with what you see? Do you need to tweak your attitude—just a bit? ...more

It's Rainin' Glass

Some say we live in a man’s world, but after one conversation with Marion Paul you won’t believe that for a minute. Others will smile and tell you to make lemonade of the lemons that life hurls your way. Well, Marion not only made lemons, she quite literally built, owns, and runs the lemonade stand – plus the hot dog stand, the sausage stand, and even the snowball stand. You’d know that too, if you ever spent a day at Fannie Farkle’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. ...more

If you want to go for it, you can and you will!

It all starts with you—and your dreams. That’s what got you thinking about owning your own business in the first place. You want to do it right. You want to make a difference. You want to call the shots. And you’re not alone. ...more

Ann, it sounds like you are on the right path! One of the hardest steps is just getting ...more