Her Name Was Dalia Sabae

On Thursday, we learned that a police officer responding to a domestic call in the suburban borough of Canonsburg had been fatally shot. Another officer was seriously injured in the exchange of gunfire. The gunman then murdered his pregnant wife and killed himself....more

Many Cultures, One Black Race

 My two closest friends and soul sisters are Nigerian (Ndidi) and Puerto Rican (Leslie). I am American. We are of three separate ethnicities (i.e. cultures). Collectively, we are a beautiful exhibit of varying melanin. We are all brown girls; therefore, qualified to be a part of the Black race. It is a simple explanation of our identity...something that I never think about (because I just love my friends). Yet, in society, there's still a struggle to accept such simplicity when it comes to the topic of race vs. ethnicity....more

For Brown Girls Who Are Considering Coaching: But Don't Know Much About Coaching

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, you do better."-Maya Angelou...more

Second Trans Woman Murdered in Baltimore

More terrible news from Baltimore – the murder of 26-year-old Mia Henderson, a trans woman of color whose body was discovered Wednesday.  From Parker Molloy at The Advocate:...more

3 Women of Color to Lead the NEA, the Largest U.S. Labor Organization

On July 4th of this year, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest U.S. labor organization, made history: its membership elected three women of color as its leaders, and its first female head in 25 years....more
They've got my attention! As I was researching the article, I realized that I've known of Al ...more

The Other Moms: Beyond Black/White Feminism and Mommy Wars

That Time Magazine Cover with the BlogHer writer who posed for it breastfeeding her three-year old son. I don't even have to link to it. You know what I mean....more
This is a great post. I agree our religion and culture and the way our own parents raised us ...more

Women of Color: The Silent Victims of the Mommy Wars

Apparently, only white women get to argue about whether to stay home or seek employment out of the house. That’s the takeaway I got from the online vitriol sparked last week by Ann Romney and Hillary Rosen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2012, 1992, or 1972 — the Mommy Wars continue to pit white, privileged women against even more privileged white women. ...more
Very well thought out post, bringing to light the other layers in the "mommy wars" beyond the ...more

Get Your Politics off My Tits and Outta My Vag!

Wednesday marked the start of Black History Month. This is the one month that is set aside to uplift Americans who are part of the African Diaspora. Americans that disproportionately lack comprehensive health care and as a result are more likely to die from lack of screening for diseases.  This is why I was more than shocked to find out that Susan G Komen Foundation  picked yesterday to announce they they will cut funds to Planned Parenthood an organization that gave almost 170,000 free breast exams to women in lower income areas of the US, women who would otherwise have never been screened....more
@BlasianBytch Wow. I'm glad to hear it, because I'm a little tired of people denigrating the ...more

Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out Anthology

Faith Adiele will be hosting the Bay Area Book Launchhttp://faithadiele.blogspot.com/...more

Election 2010: Women's Gains and Losses

For months working up to yesterday's Midterm election races, headline after headline sported some version of "year of the woman" or "year of the GOP woman" or "Dem women face losses due to year of the GOP woman" or "Mama Grizzlies growl through year of the woman" or...you get the idea. So how did women do? Quick hits (information based on data from the Center for American Women in Politics) U.S. Senate: ...more

I'm fascinated by American politics and found this information especially interesting. I ...more