Older Woman and Younger Men: What Topped Me Over

Okay, younger men got that six pack thing going on.  Not all of them but quite a few.  On the contrary - it’s not the power abs that caused me to begin considering the possibility that I might begin dating cougar style – privately anyway. No, actually is was the fact that I was getting older while staying completely fit without much effort and most of the men of a certain age for whom I still held an affinity were not able to keep up with me....more

Calling Out All Cougars!

Today’s Blog Post was sort of like a joint effort between myself and the yummy mummies at the local Second Cup Cafe. It all started with my girlfriend, who met me for a coffee after school drop off. “What are you writing about today?” she asked. “Not quite sure. Was thinking about Cougars. What do you think?” I replied. In no time, we had about 5 women there, all throwing ideas my way, me typing as quickly as I could. I know why I never go to that particular Cafe to write. It’s VERY distracting. But FUN!...more

You had me at yummy mummies...and now I get to "mind-blowing sex."

Hotttt. Sex sells, loving it.more