Wonder Why So Many Women Are Smiling? They Are Entrepreneurs.

Okay, I know this is going to put legions of self-help authors who target the female audience out of business, but there is one simple key to happiness: be a successful women entrepreneur....more
Whew.  This says a mouth full for female entrepreneurs.  Thanks for posting it, Susan.more

10 Ways to Honor Your Greatness

Here are 10 choices you can make to honor your greatness. Perhaps some of them you already are making. Perhaps not. What is essential is that you realize that, regardless of the choices you have made in the past, you are always – I repeat, always – able to begin making new choices that will not only honor you but take you in a new, more meaningful direction in life.1. Choosing to Take Responsibility...more

Work Life Balance--In the can I have it all bucket!

Work Life Balance.  Over the last few weeks I have had several young professional women thinking through their career and asking for perspective.  In one case I have been mentoring as the professional worked to get more breadth in their job and when approached by a recruiter they interviewed and decided to accept the new role in a more dynamic group.   In another case the professional woman is in her mid-twenties and much earlier in her career.  She is just approaching year one of her first job and was being asked to state her five year plan. ...more