Women Directors Make Unprecedented Showing at Sundance Film Festival

I always love seeing the trends that come out of Sundance. Because the festival takes place in January, it's an interesting peek into what's in store for the rest of the year, not only at other festivals, but also within the film industry.One of the cool things coming out of Sundance this year is the strong representation of women directors at the festival. For the first time, Sundance has an equal number of women as men directors with dramatic competition entries -- eight -- with more than a dozen other women directors in other sections of the festival....more

Be "Brave": Brenda Chapman, Heartbreak, Hollywood, and Gender Inequality

There's a lot of conversation in BlogHer back channels around the current state of women in Entertainment...film and television specifically. We often discuss the different ways we can help to spur the conversation and elevate our Hollywood counterparts from here on the web. And like many BlogHer Editors, I lead a double life -- curating and cultivating women's stories here and then changing hats and pounding the pavement as a screenwriter in the trenches of Tinseltown. ...more
Thanks for this post! I'm an aspiring tv/screenwriter myself and I have to admit that sometimes ...more

And the Oscar goes to...

If you are a woman looking to get into the film industry, creatively directing, producing or even writing, don’t expect that the red carpet is going to be laid out for you. The Celluloid Ceiling’s 2011 report has just come out and the data compiled by Dr. Martha M. Lauzen is again screaming “Not Welcome!” Dr. Lauzen, who conducts research on the roles of women in film and television, has provided statistical comparisons that are eye opening....more

Fantastic Female Movie Characters

Award-winning journalist and novelist L.J. Sellers interviews Professor Kathleen Rowe Karlyn, a film studies expert, who shares her top ten female film characters.As the author of The Unruly Woman: Gender and the Genres of Laughter, Kathleen is drawn to “independent woman who hold their ground.” This list she says, “represents the range of ways strong and interesting women can appear in film and on TV.”...more

You mentioned a bunch of films I haven't even seen! Must put them in my Netflix ...more

Why You Should RUN to See Bridesmaids

I went to see Bridesmaids this past weekend with my husband and if you haven't seen it, run to see it... don't walk....more

Glad to see so many women engaged in dialogue in BlogHer. Fyi: Bridesmaids recently became the ...more

Month of Movies: I Am Love and Fashion on Film

There are films with style. There are films about style. And, every so often, one has both. Oscar nominated for costume design, I Am Love is steeped in fashion. It’s the story of an Italian family who made their fortune in the industry. Behind the scenes, the design houses of Jil Sander and Fendi dress its stars. It joins a long list of film collaborations between directors and fashion designers. ...more

Emma's wardrobe is great - kind of reminds me of Doris Day films in the 50s. And yet, they look ...more

What's the story, Morning Glory?

Like the lyrics sung by Ella Fitzgerald suggest, in the new romantic comedy "Morning Glory" the story behind the public image of the newsroom might be more interesting than the news itself.The characters in the movie's over-the-top dysfunctional newsroom somehow manage to survive and even thrive in a cut-throat business....more