What about your friends...

Getting together with your girlfriends is the best medicine. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather recently, but last night, my best friend was celebrating her birthday with a girls dinner at a local mexican restaurant. I couldn’t miss her birthday or the chance to hangout with my girls over some chips, guacamole and margaritas....more

WHEN FRIENDSHIPS CHANGE......How To Change With It.....

CHANGING FRIENDSHIPS……WHEN A FRIENDSHIP CHANGES……. We would all like to think that our friendships will simply stay the same forever…….That the kind or level of friendship we have with another will not change…….and sometimes they don’t....more

My Friend Lorriane is Dead

Actuality she died many years ago of cancer.  But I remember her at this moment because I was reading the Daily Posts' 365 Days of Writing Prompts.  I noticed one of the prompts was about sports which started me thinking of the most fond memory I have of my friend, Lorraine....more

HAVE YOU BEEN LIED ON?....LIARS.....The Ugly Truth.....

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LIED ON?You know I think most people at some point have been lied on or lied about…..I am not sure what the difference is but they both have the same outcome……As long as there are liars out there in the world someone will get lied about…..So what does one do when one gets lied on or about…?...more

Is Life Just A Role Of The Dice? Thanks To Toni In Seat 21A, I Think Not.

 Do you ever wonder if we are simply rolling through life, landing in situations that are out of our control, or do you believe we determine our own fates by our decisions and actions?I've always believed that our decisions define our life and that we end up where we end up doing what we do because of our own actions and decisions.  I'm not a big believer in fate, or karma or pre-determined "accidents."What happened this week, on a flight from Newark to LA, however, made me start to wonder....more


FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS....by Dianna-BriannePeople come and People go in our lives and yet some do stay forever or at least for a length of time.The people that stay are expected to "perform" at a different level than people that come in and out of our lives.....Not much is usually expected from momentary friends or acquaintances.....but friends, YES, we do expect a lot more normally....more

The Power of Friendship

Although much of my physical and emotional recovery from my accident in 2009, I had to do myself, I quickly learned that you need a clan or a pack of people that support you. No single person can be there for you all the time, nor can they know the perfect thing to say or do in every situation....more