Women Owned Business Club

Glad to be part of Blogher. We will bring you daily updates on our members and show you what we do for them every day for a one time fee that is good for the life time of their website.Come and see what we do for them at www.womenownedbusinessclub.com. We are dedicated to our members and getting their word out. It's time to pay it forward. LM...more

Girlfriend Getaways - Fabulous Fall Foliage Tours

Summer may not be officially over but as temperatures around the country start to drop, that cool Autumn breeze is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan that fabulous fall Great Girl Trip getaway! With the crisp weather comes the beautiful fall foliage. Why not take a tour this fall and see not just the leaves but the other hidden gems beneath their branches. The only question is... east coast... or west coast? East Coast Fall Foliage Tour: ...more