Return to Haiti: First, Let's Get the Bus Parked Without Dying

Pulling into Gonaives on our bone-rattling Pumpkin bus was like entering a maze. We turned down dirt roads walled by concrete, single lanes where we could see a home rising block by block just above the wall. All I could think was whether this home, one day, would collapse on someone. The single-lane dirt road turns and twists back on itself, barely wide enough for our bus to make a corner. Every lot in town that can has a wall facing the road, even if the wall is only careful stacks of broken blocks. ...more

Women's History Month: Women of Haiti Walk On Fire

When I was thinking about Women's History Month this year, my mind kept going back to Haiti. I felt a strong need to dig into the history of the women of Haiti. As I searched for books, I kept coming back to one anthology -- Walking on Fire: Stories of Survival and Resistance. ...more

My Trip to Haiti: Holding the Babies at Sisters of Charity

Yesterday morning was spent at the Sisters of Charity orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti. I was told going in that they follow the “Mother Teresa” model – in other words, they only take the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick. We were going specifically to hold babies. The babies we were visiting were supposed to be between up to two years old, but it’s really impossible to tell how old they are. They’re so malnourished that the two-year-olds look as if they could be nine months. We had to judge based on their teeth and their eyes –- really, we guessed. ...more