Humor in Hollywood: Women Are Changing the Game

As the Golden Globes showed us now that awards season is underway, it is notable that female-driven comedies on the silver screen and TV are conspicuously outstanding. Hollywood mainstays like Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie & Grandma), Meryl Streep (Ricky and the Flash) Julia Lo ...more

How Amazon is Changing the Ratio with Great Shows for Women

According to the Geena Davis Institute on Gender In Media, only 31% of speaking roles are given to women.  The problem is even worse when you look beyond roles given to young, predominantly white, women in their twenties. It is hard for women to get meaningful roles and remain consistently working in the entertainment industry, and that goes for behind the scenes as well. ...more

Nicole Kidman on Hollywood, Paddington, and Being Pushed Places She Hasn’t Been Before

Nicole Kidman has a resumé full of intense roles, but she’s the first to talk about the importance of choosing her films carefully. ...more
Took my 7 year old daughter last weekend. Very cute and funny movie.more

Coming of Age in Hollywood: Critics Choice Noms Hail The Year of Young Women

One of these years we're going to see a turning point in the sausage-fest that is Hollywood, right? We'll see women's lives reflected to us in movie and television roles that are just as rich, diverse and powerful as those featuring men. Equality is just a matter of time.In the mean time we settle for small gains, and this year we got one. According to Hollywood, 2012 was the year of young women coming of age. Image Courtesy of Lions Gate...more

Want an Early Look at at the New Girl? Not Just for VIPs Anymore

Amongst the buzz of must-see TV this fall is FOX’s half-hour comedy New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. I saw the pilot a few days ago and really liked it. Which is always promising as pilots can be hit or miss. Sometimes you need a few episodes before the cast really gels, but this one seemed at ease. New Girl doesn’t premiere until September 20th, but you don’t need a studio screener to see it early. FOX is making everyone an insider....more
I watched it yesterday on TiVo and really liked it. Cute and well written.more