I Survived...

I survived being raped at gunpoint.  This post is less about information and more about me wondering what I can do with this horror that happened to me.  It happened about two years ago and I am at a point (and have been here for awhile) that I believe 'my story' can help others.  In fact, I KNOW it can.  I have had occasion to share this story and when I do so, I'm hesitant.  It's a burdensome story.  It's awful and the details are unbelievable to most, a story you only read about in the news but never happens to anyone in 'real life'.  Until it does....more

Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad Has Me Thinking The End Might Actually Be Near

Hello All! I've got a new article out in The Hartford Courant on Brad Pitt's new Chanel ad. Could it mean the end of days? Seems strange enough to me! Here's the link: http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/hc-op-barreca-brad-pitt-sells-chanel-end-at-hand-1-20121129,0,962931.column Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Why Can't Women Get Along?

Dear Catty Women:As a woman the lack of sisterhood and unity among us disappoints me. Instead of banding together to rise to the top we often step on each other just to win. Our behavior serves as entertainment for men as we continue to perpetuate the stereotype that all women hate each other. And for no reason at that....more

A Woman Who Knows What She Wants

If you ask the population of men in the dating world what is the #1 characteristic that they look for in a woman, most will give an answer along the lines of “a woman who knows what she wants.”  OK, great. But, what exactly does that mean?  To read more, click here....more

Herstory and Your Story

I love a good rags to riches story not in terms of financial riches but the bigger picture riches of a life well lived filled with things that mattered most to the storyteller.  My favorite stories are from women and lately I’ve happened upon some pretty amazing ones.  I’ve begun to wonder if there are more stories out there or if I’m just looking for inspiration from womankind.  Either way, I’m profoundly grateful for Her Story and the writers that share their most intimate moments. ...more

Why Planned Parenthood Is Right About Mitt Romney

In an effort to further spread awareness, Planned Parenthood is flexing its’ pretty political arm to explain why Mitt Romney is the wrong choice for women, embracing the media to run their largest campaign ad to date. According to the Washington Post, Planned Parenthood has recently announced that it will run its biggest ad in Virginia and Ohio over the next several weeks....more
I love that your post is frank and to the point. You have spoken with heart, and I hear you, and ...more

Recycle That Bra, Lady!

What to do when a bra has reached the natural end of its life? If you're a D-cup girl like me, you say a few words, weep a bit and maybe play a bugle because that patch of lace-and-wire hydraulics has done you (and society as a whole, really) a terrific service. But these days, we have to stop and think about anything before it goes in the trash: Can it be recycled? That old nasty bra? Why yes, yes it can....more
@fuzzieworld Wonderful! Glad we could help.more

If I were stranded on an island…

 I would not, could not, live without the following items:  I recently purchased this from QVC (again, thinking of my Mom and the amazing relationship we had – she loved QVC)!...more

This Working Mom Roller Coaster Needs Tighter Seat Belts

As I boarded my roller coaster of emotion Tuesday morning, I felt pretty good. I told myself returning to work from maternity leave would be different this time around. I really believed it would be easier because this isn’t my first experience. I know what to expect. I know what problems came up the first time, so I already have solutions prepared. At least I thought I had prepared for whatever could come up… The universe had a different message for me....more
9 months into this working mom gig and the roller coaster is still kicking my butt. Some days ...more