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“Volunteering at Exhale has opened my eyes and taught me SO much about women, men, society, relationships, inequality, reproductive health, and about how to be a good listener in general. Volunteering for Exhale has made me into a better person all around.” – Natalia, talkline counselorExhale is now accepting applications to volunteer for our award-winning, national, multilingual, free, confidential, entirely unique and well-respected after-abortion talkline....more


DisproportionateToday upon examining myself... :-) I found a significant disproportion in the size of my breast.  I wondered... Have they always been like this and I didn't notice. Did this along with so many other things come with that magic number of "40" ... What and Why?? Then I began to do what any idle wondering poetic mind would do... I began to question what other things on my body were disproportionate and Why?  My eyes, ears, and the Chiropractors always tell patients their legs are...maybe they're Right!...more

What to do with TOXIC people…

 As I sit on my bed writing this article, I think of the “toxic” people who have entered my life, and I think of the toxic people I have successfully shown the “exit” door to. It is not an easy task; however, the best advice came from my mother....more