All Aboard to BlogHerVille

Am I now a seasoned Amtrak Traveler?Does going on train trips twice in six months count? If so I'm in.Having ridden Amtrack to NYC in March, I was a seasoned veteran when it came time to planning transportation to BlogHer '12. I had a fluent knowledge of the Amtrak web site, could "click" round trip with the best of 'em and knew how to plug in to enjoy free WiFi in business class....more
 @elaineR.N. Yes, Elaine! I was happy you were home safe and sound when the storm came up. The ...more

Revolutions We Need: Women and Media Reform

I wanted to share an article about an emergent field (media reform) and what it means to women... From On the Issues magazine -Finding the Power in Women’s Voicesby Hannah Miller ...more

On Auditioning: Barbara Walters - The Ultimate Single Woman

I was never a big Barbara Walters fan. Sure, I've watched a number of her pre-Oscar interviews and have tuned in over the years as she interviewed various world leaders. But she always struck me as kind of a lightweight. Imagine my surprise then as I found myself riveted to the TV when I accidentally came across Tim Russert interviewing Barbara Walters about her new memoir, "Audition." ...more