It's Official: I'm Vocally Fried

Recently I read Ann Friedman’s salty piece in New York Magazine on "vocal fry," a way of talking in which you draw out the end of sentences or words with a low, raspy, creaky sound that comes from the back of throat. Like "upspeak" and "valley girl speak," vocal fry is a speech pattern or vocal tic -- apparently unique to women -- that seems to make the person using it (i.e., the young woman) sound immature, dumb, small, and not confident. ...more
Long before this speech habit had a name, it was annoying. Upspeak and vocal fry are learned and ...more

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds

Earlier this year in February, there was an absolutely wonderful forum hosted at Mills College that addressed economic diversity especially as it relates to women. There were several political figures and women of power who participated in the forum. The most beautiful thing that came out of that forum was simply that “when women succeed, America succeeds”....more

Leadership Lessons: The Agony of Being Typecast

Imagine this really ugly situation. The YOU who is always strong and competent, can always dance with dilemmas, and loves to embrace complexities, passes out from exhaustion and overwork.YOU always have the answers. YOU are the one your staff comes to knowing that every problem will be discussed and solved quickly and easily....more

What Women Really Want from Work

What do women really want from work? So much talk about women rising to the C-level ranks and work-life balance for working mothers that sometimes the real core of the matter gets lost in terms of what all women want. In this post, Katie Kelley takes a look at the recent reports "She’s (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times" and New York Magazine’s, “Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms” and adds her own spin to the conversation. ...more

Say What? "American Voters Don't Like Older Women"

Why should I care?Why am I letting it bother me that I heard yet another conversation telling me older women are distasteful and irrelevant?The source of the specious judgment was a commentator I formerly admired, Melissa Harris-Perry, age 39, educated in my home state at venerable North Carolina colleges Wake Forest and Duke University. She’s a professor of political science at Tulane University in New Orleans....more
@Kraken I thought I would have calmed down about the whole thing, but the comment is still ...more

Women are Good Investors

 In the ongoing hunt for evidence to understand The Woman Effect Manifesta, I’ve discovered that the Return on Women (WOR) is really high! I've been delighted to discover that women have excellent investment instincts! For those of us with entrepreneurial instincts, this is particularly important, whether we exercise them in home-based or small businesses, or whether we’re corporate high-fliers. ...more VC issues are worth a bottle of wine at least:) I have read studies that ...more

Women Are Excellent Business People

Research says that women are good for the economy and I call this The Woman Effect. Where women hold a significant percentage (30% plus) of leadership positions companies perform better. But why? In the last article I outlined what the research that supports the fact that we’re good leaders. In this post we’ll look at how our natural capabilities lead us to be successful business people – whether we choose to “lead” or not. ...more

Are You an Iron Lady?

The Golden Globe Awards this week featured the most gorgeous dresses I’ve ever seen (yes, I confess to being a fashion watcher) and Meryl Streep winning her 9th Golden Globe, for her extraordinary portrayal of the British rock-ribbed Conservative former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the first and only woman ever to serve in that post. ...more
Sara Washburn has sent this message via LinkedIn-raises the questions of balance. Saw the ...more

What Leadership Lesson Are You Most Thankful For?

This is an advice column where I'm supposed to answer your questions. But this Thanksgiving, I'm shaking things up in my life , so I turned the tables and asked some fabulous women leaders this question: What leadership lesson are you most thankful for? The outpouring of responses made me exceedingly grateful. Not a turkey among them. Herewith a Thanksgiving feast of delicious wisdom you can savor calorie-free—and use all year. ...more
Jane and Rita, thanks for your contributions. Great advice. Women do tend to be people pleasers ...more

Colombian Surprise: Women, War & Peace

 “The War We Are Living” follows two powerful Afro-Colombian women as they protect their community’s land rights. It airs on your local PBS station Tuesday, November 1. Check local listings.Colombian Surprise: Women, War & Peace...more