Does Being “The First Woman” Matter? You Bet it Does

It’s been a big news week for the prepositional clause. You know – that important aside where a noteworthy factoid is set off from the rest. It’s been a big news week for the prepositional clause....more

A Two-for-One Holiday Coupon Offered with Gratitude to BlogHer!

This year, my life has been about words -- spoken, written, sometimes shouted -- sharing a heartfelt message about women's road to leadership and empowerment with students, talk show hosts, and, well, anyone who would listen. Writing Dirty Words on Clean Skin has brought me to unexpected venues, offered great opportunity and taught me more than any master class ever could. This has been a fierce year that has at times felt, to steal Robin Williams' words, " riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable!" ...more
You know I've got my order in already!   I couldn't resist!   Here's a post I wrote about our ...more

Apologies to Hillary, Revisionist History and Cognitive Dissonance

 These past two years, we have been stunned by a pundit class offering everything from grudging to glowing praise of Hillary Clinton, a candidate they had roundly excoriated four years earlier. What changed? And will the men and women in mainstream media who exhibited a reckless, cruel bias toward not only Hillary, but her supporters, now pretend the debacle of the 2008 primaries never occurred? ...more
Wouldn't that just be swell!??!!more

Feminism, Motherhood and a Demanding Career

I timed the birth of my first child to coincide with the end of my company's fiscal quarter. I did this so that I would only lose one quarter's worth of commissions, instead of two....more

A War on Women? Not Just Conservatives!

If there is a war on women, it isn’t about birth control and it isn’t just from the right. It’s about women. It’s the continuous trashing from the left and the right and, sadly, from both men and women. The most striking example isn’t – and shouldn’t be – about contraception. That fight keeps the conversation about women in the bedroom instead of the boardroom. Instead, the argument should be about leadership, and most obviously, about women in politics....more

Vaulting Into The C-Suite, Interview with Patricia Koopersmith, COO of The Clearing

Patricia Koopersmith is the very definition of a doer and a go-getter, but to her surprise this career strength turned out to be one of her biggest hurdles as she transitioned into the executive ranks as Chief Operating Officer at The Clearing, Inc., a strategic management consultancy in Washington D.C.Even before she was promoted to COO in 2011, Patricia circulated in rarified air. Her clients include senior leaders at the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, the Intelligence Community, the Department of Homeland Security and other big agencies. I have seen Patricia hug some of these people, because quite often her clients become her friends. She is a powerful personality, focused, extremely competent and at the same time refreshing and very quick to laugh. Her most recent career journey, from Practice Area Director in a much larger firm to COO in a small, fast-growing consultancy is a perfect career coaching case study for anyone – especially women – seeking to bypass the glass ceiling, move from management to leadership and achieve work-life balance....more

Women Are Great Leaders? Yes!

The Woman Effect refers to the fact - yes, it's a fact - that a significant presence of working women in leadership in any organization contributes to that organization's health and wealth. This is true for major corporations and African villages alike. But why is this so? What can working women and entrepreneurs do individually to activate The Woman Effect in our lives and organizations? ...more
@kimslavik Yes, you should! -Momomore

Seriously? Must a Woman Be Like a Man to Get Ahead?

That question comes up every time I speak with women about their career aspirations. A second question just as surely follows: if we can’t be authentically who we are, why would we want to “succeed” in male-dominated organizations or professions? Many women who leave the corporate world to stay home with children or enter entrepreneurial or nonprofit fields—or alternately, remain quietly in their jobs put only to find themselves doing the work but not getting the promotions—say they do so because they don’t want to become like men. ...more

I at no time have ever wanted to be like a man or imitate one in any way.

I hate football ...more

What Would You Do?: Guess Whose Name Was Left Out of a Politico Article

Then I follow up and get a nice note that the article will post this week, and I'm not going to be in it but my info was very helpful (of course it was - why else do you stay on the phone with me for an hour?) And then I read it. And you know what? My heart sank - it sank. Because it mentions my city - but not me. ...more

Amy-Willard Cross

Women Make News. Com


I read this days ago and ...more

Blogging Your Way Into Elected Office, or How I Learned to Balance Poles and Spin Plates

I've written before about how, without BlogHer, I would never have been on CNN, the BBC or in the NPR studios throughout the 2008 general election night. But the transition from noted, national (and sometimes even paid!) political blogger to public servant (in my case, Pepper Pike City Council Member) is far more infrequent than you might imagine. And, in my opinion, absolutely too rare....more

Looking forward to meeting you! And I really like your blog. Great name.