Listening to the Women of Monsanto

Monsanto recently made the headlines when the Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold the company's patent on its genetically modified seed. ...more
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Women Are Succeeding in Business (in Part) Thanks to Our Men!

I’ve been on a research quest to understand why The Woman Effect is beginning to help organizations and economies succeed when a significant presence of women in leadership. The fourth reason I discovered hiding in the research turned out to be a happy surprise. As will come as no surprise to many of us – whether entrepreneurs or corporate women - our guys are stepping into help us succeed – at home and in the office.  Women And Men Are Forming New Partnerships ...more

The Woman Effect: Women + Business = Success

 You know how we all think we’re not enough? We’re not enough for our kids, for our businesses or for ourselves? Well, turn that old narrative off in your head because guess what? Even though so many of us think we’re not enough, hard cold facts – facts that demonstrate how women in business leadership build thriving companies -- say that you are!  ...more
Women in general make much better leaders than men. I know from my personal experience.more

10 Ways to Honor Your Greatness

Here are 10 choices you can make to honor your greatness. Perhaps some of them you already are making. Perhaps not. What is essential is that you realize that, regardless of the choices you have made in the past, you are always – I repeat, always – able to begin making new choices that will not only honor you but take you in a new, more meaningful direction in life.1. Choosing to Take Responsibility...more

So Tired Of Singing The Glass Ceiling Blues

I want to be done with the glass ceiling. Completely done. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to talk about it. And, I certainly don't want to believe all those rumors on why it exists. ...more

Interesting observations.  I think about the glass ceiling a lot, if only because I ...more

The Other Woman Running for President

The United States and the world have been focused on the US election. We have all been fascinated by the prospect of a woman president or a black president. This powerful country of over 300 million came close to being led by a woman. ...more