Empowering Myself as a Woman Entrepreneur…

I remember vividly as a child listening to my grandfather say, “Anne, strive to be unemployable!”  My grandfather’s definition of a successful entrepreneur was someone who owns and operates a personal business.  He wanted me to be my own Boss Lady....more

A New Day For Fat Girls-Dreaming

I dreamed about my first blog "A New Day for Fat Girls" last night. It was a happy dream, full of positive vibes. I awoke feeling pretty good, which is a significant improvement over the last few months. Writing that blog made me feel 20 pounds lighter, because of the enormous "swoosh"  of relief that I felt immediately after posting it. Could it be that I want to dream again? ...more

Last Kiss: Divorce and Split-Ups with Business Partners

When “Janelle Booker” divorced her husband Raymond of fifteen years, it made the front page of the society section of newspapers. Janelle and her husband were the socially prominent and successful partners of Book with Booker Private Yacht and Jet Booking and Fractional Ownership Company....more

Common Courtesy: The Best PR of All

Skills for Professional Women“She never returns her calls.”“We rushed to get them the estimate to meet their deadline and now they won’t tell us what’s happening with the project.”“I stayed late to finish that report and didn’t even get as much as a thank you for it.”...more

Being Your Own Coach

Are you familiar with your coaching voice? That voice in your head? It has a technical name: self talk.There are 3 interesting facts about your coaching voice. First, it is the most influential coach you will ever have. Second, you have been able to recognize your coaching voice since you were about 5 years old. You have had it awhile. Third, your coaching voice can be trained....more
That inner voice of our can be a powerful force, It can also be very sneaky, It lies to us all ...more

The Milkshake Moment

Allow for Real LeadershipAnyone who travels for business knows that it is hardly glamorous. After 9/11, however, it became even more frustrating, and it keeps getting worse. I don’t think I’d be overstating it to say that business travel today is horrific: irretrievably lost luggage, annoying security searches, perpetually oversold flights, infuriating rental car policies, frazzled counter staff … I think you get the picture....more

Choosing the Right Business Partner

How to choose the best fit for you. Starting your own business is an enormous undertaking. One of the most critical, strategic decisions you will make is whether to take a partner.  Horror stories abound about the partner from hell and about partnerships gone wrong. Deciding whether to take a partner and choosing the right one is a strategic imperative, and if given proper focus and consideration, you can make the right choice, one that can have a profoundly beneficial impact on your business. Do You Need a Partner? ...more

Why We Need to Unwire, and How to Start

In so many ways, technology has made our lives easier, faster, and more efficient. We can do things now that were impossible just a few years ago. From being able to order and download whatever you want to texting your old college roommate in Lisbon, from holding a real time business meeting with colleagues in Beijing to sharing files with coworkers in L.A., there is no doubt that technology has improved the way we work and live....more

The Three Rs of Business Success

Advice for Women in Business Building a business can be a challenge during the best of times. However, professional women can smoothly manage business and even build when crises and surprises happen, as long as their focus is on the customer. The key is to concentrate on the 3 Rs of your business:...more