3 Practical Ministry Tips

Once upon a time..........actually, 135 weeks and 2 days ago I thought I heard God tell me to write a book for pastor's wives. Sitting in my backyard, I quickly jotted down notes and a simple outline of advice for ministry wives. I was so thoroughly convinced, that I then went about announcing my grand plan to everyone. ...more

Wives Walking on Egg Shells

Today I decided to write about some issues that God has placed on my heart.  I have spent twenty five years as a pastor's wife and professional counselor.  I have made so many mistakes, taken so many wrong life turns, and have only recently (past 4 years) found my way out of the abyss called "ministry".    If you choose to read this, I hope it serves as encouragement to you in your life....more

Blogging While Brown: Writers of Spirit

This weekend BlogHer lynchpin Elisa Camahort Twittered away like crazy about the Blogging While Brown conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the first ever international conference specifically focused on the talents of voices of bloggers of color. In honor of our sisters of every shade, I'd like to feature a couple of women who write about religion and spirituality, bringing their own much-needed cultural mix to the conversation. ...more