Franchise of the month - WOW 1 Day Painting

For the past 20 years, Brian Scudamore has been building one of the most successful franchise systems in North America. His concept 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is known for amazing branding, award-winning public relations, world class training, and franchise partner support.With this experience in the world of junk, Brian now turns his attention to the $40 billion dollar painting industry - revolutionizing the fragmented painting industry by delivering the quality customers expect in a timeline that’s unexpected.  One day and done (yes, it is possible!)...more

How to Feel Creative From 9 to 5

Working in an environment where your creative juices are constantly flowing but afraid that the 2:30 PM feeling may eventually dry them up? Don't let your creativity escape you when you need it most! Here are three tips to keep your bright ideas at a consistent high:Music...more

Get Connected & Get Support

While the term solopreneur might connote images of a one-person operation, that is never truly the case. Sure if you own your own business you are the Chief Everything Officer (at least on some level) and the buck stops with you, but going solo is not the time for succumbing to lone ranger syndrome. ...more

No job? Start Your Own Business

Have you been downsized, right-sized, experienced a layoff, or simply seen your employment vanish over the last year of the recession? You're certainly not alone. While many business owners are moaning and groaning about the economy, the effect it is having on the economy, and touting that now is a terrible time to start/be in business, the truth of the matter is that a recession can be an ideal time to start a business. ...more

I completed my Master's Degree, a degree that i thought would open up more doors and ...more