V is for Victoria Woodhull

 Each week for 26 weeks, I am publishing a post about women who are not widely known but should be—women who can inspire us, teach us, and encourage us to get out of our comfort zones and reach for our dreams. Week 22 of my A to Z challenge introduces us to Victoria Woodhull....more

What Got Me to Run for State Legislature

Five months ago, I ran for a seat in the Hawaii State Legislature. ...more
Hi Tracy:  Sorry for the late response, and yes, I know what you mean.  I think the trick is to ...more

Elections herald an increase in women MPs in Turkey, but more progress is needed

From 79 to 98 women, the Turkish Parliament will welcome the highest number of women Members of Parliament in its history after parliamentary elections on 7 June– a significant progress but it is still far from agreed targets. ...more

Are Women Involved Enough In Politics?

In a September 2014 article I asked the question,” If the presidential election were held today, who would get your vote?”Dr. Ben Carson led the race in responses, followed by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.Many pollsters and women’s groups have been positioning Hillary Clinton to become the first female U.S. President. Whether this will come to fruition certainly remains to be seen.The 2014 midterms are behind us, and inarguably the results will have an impact in Washington....more

Mixed Messages For Women in the Midterms

Now that the results are in for the 2014 midterm elections, we can see what changed for women....more

How Running For Office Is Different For Mothers

Women can and do run for office, but their path to politics differs from the one most men follow. Women are generally asked to run and likely to have been recruited....more
Well said.  And we need more women representing in office.   "The most important thing is ...more

Am I the Only White Person in America Offended by Racism and the Tea Party?

If politics remains a taboo topic in polite conversation, then racism in politics represents the equivalent of suppression, of something whispered behind closed doors in the dim light of one flickering candle.  ...more

Does Our Current Romance with Hillary Mean an Easier Path for Her in 2016?

Does Our Current Romance with Hillary Mean an Easier Path for Her in 2016?By Anita Finlay...more

Ashley Judd Was Smart to Bow Out of Senate Bid

Ashley Judd’s announcement Wednesday that she would not challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014 proves that she is smart enough to know who her real opponent would be: Ashley Judd....more