Interview: Diane Abbott, Candidate for British Labour Party Leader

Back in June, we reported on the effort of Diane Abbott, Britain's first black female member of Parliament, to get on the ballot for leadership of the Labour Pary. While some observers scoffed at the prospect that the veteran back-bencher could beat out better financed candidates who had served in previous Labour governments, Abbott did succeed in becoming the only female candidate for Party leader on the ballot. Voting began September 1st and will continue through most of the month under a scheme that accords weight to individual party members, organizations, and MPs. The winner will be announced at the Party's national conference September 26-30. ...more

Thanks, Melissa. The Conservatives are fond of pointing out that they had their first female ...more

Palin Continues To Damage Women While Others Spend Time, Money To Help Them

In a week that saw the launch of a funded, organized, coordinated effort to help us get at the roots of sexism (check out Name It. Change It), we also get Sarah Palin demonstrating the carelessness with which she's accused many others in using sexist rhetoric. From CNN Politicalticker:...more

The White House Project in the Age of Sarah Palin and the Mama Grizzlies

But not everyone should run. Over the years, I’ve seen workshops like these encourage women who lack the skills/temperament/politics which are a good fit for their district take up supporters’ time and money on doomed campaigns. Every successful woman candidate needs a good team behind her and that’s the role I’ve played, but I have become increasingly resentful of candidates with little or no chance to win asking me for my time/money. ...more

Mata, I'm disappointed, in a fact based debate, we cite our sources. That is what you are asking ...more

Carly Fiorina Answers BlogHer's Questions

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to talk with Carly Fiorina, candidate for U.S. Senate from California and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. We had twenty minutes for questions from the BlogHer community, and the conversation covered a wide range of topics including leadership, the economy, immigration, women's rights, political advertising (remember Demon Sheep?), and Sarah Palin. ...more

Questions for Carly Fiorina? Go Ahead and Ask

Carly Fiorina stirred up a flurry of controversy, first as CEO of HP, and now as the Republican candidate running to unseat Barbara Boxer, the U.S. Senator from California. We're pleased to announce our interview with Ms. Fiorina this Tuesday on behalf of the BlogHer community. So that begs the question: what should we ask? ...more

Thank you everyone for your great questions. I don't have enough time to ask them all, but ...more

Gender Bias in Political Newspaper Endorsements

UPDATE: One of my co-bloggers at The Moderate Voice wrote a post in reaction to my post. You can read Marc Pascal's take here, Got Me Thinking Again About How Men and Women See....more

You are right about the over 65 group. They read newspapers and are the only voters I see ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: White House Project Q&A with Linda Tarr-Whelan

Welcome to the liveblog of the White House Project panel: White House Project Training Session - Q&A with Linda-Tarr-Whelan. Erin Vilardi, VP of Program and Communications at The White House Project introduced Ambassador Linda Tarr-Whelan who has an amazing bio. She is an author and she's a blogger! They sat down for a brief Q&A due to scheduling changes at the BlogHer and The White House Project event. She was set to be on a panel later in the day but was unable to stay all of the day. ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: White House Project Invitation to Run and Closing Remarks

Welcome to the liveblog of the White House Project panel: Invitation to Run and Closing Remarks. Marie Wilson began by commending the women who have spoken today and saying how appreciative she is of everyone who was here today. We can train people to be confident, in addition to just the skills. And what breaks that confidence down is what people fear will come back at them. When you're in public office, people call to ask you "what did you do that for?" ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: White House Project Training Session – Your Campaign Blueprint

Welcome to the liveblog of the White House Project panel: White House Project Training Session – Your Campaign Blueprint. Kathryn started her presentation asking who has run, wants to run, etc. to get a sense of the audience. She asked us to consider putting laptops down. (I think maybe three people did.) ...more

This is fantastic content! Thanks so much for sharing with those of us at home. Looking ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: White House Project -- Call to Action

Welcome to the liveblog of the White House Project panel: Call to Action: We are the ones we've been waiting for! Background: Jill Miller Zimon is the embodiment of what this workshop is all about. As both an active BlogHer community member and political blogger, and an alumna of The White House Project training, Jill decided to run for local office, and she used social media to help her cause. Jill is explaining how she moved from political commentator to politician, and describing her experiences along the way. ...more

I am a HUGE Momsrising fan and it's been great getting to hear your questions and thoughts. ...more