Blogging Your Way Into Elected Office, or How I Learned to Balance Poles and Spin Plates

I've written before about how, without BlogHer, I would never have been on CNN, the BBC or in the NPR studios throughout the 2008 general election night. But the transition from noted, national (and sometimes even paid!) political blogger to public servant (in my case, Pepper Pike City Council Member) is far more infrequent than you might imagine. And, in my opinion, absolutely too rare....more

Looking forward to meeting you! And I really like your blog. Great name.


Women Win. And I Feel Sad.

It was a mini Super Tuesday yesterday with many states in the US going to polls for the party primaries. Many candidates vied for the chance to contest on behalf of their party in the general elections to come in November. Women fared well and took home a good number of victories from these primaries. Sitting Senator Blanche Lincoln won the Democratic Party primary for Arkansas senate seat. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, won the Republican senate primary in California. Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO, won the Republican primary for California governor’s race. Sharron Angle won the Republican senate primary in Nevada. Nikki Haley won the South Carolina Republican gubernatorial primary with a huge margin (but not over the 50% required to avoid a run-off, so there will be a replay of that match). Yes, for all intents and purposes the headline in today's Washington Post article is apt: "A primarily strong night for women." And yet......more

Don't Get Mad, Get Elected: Young, Rich and Republican Women Running for Office in 2010

While Palin, a controversial figure in her own party, has inspired some, the new class of conservative female candidates has largely been motivated by the economy and fervent opposition to the Obama administration's agenda. ...more

Hillary's Pantsuit Paradox: Is This the United States of Fug?

Hillary Clinton is taking hits again for her penchant for monotonously dressing in an unending parade of pantsuits. Is Hillary representing the United States of Fug, or is she just doing her job in a perfectly fine, functional uniform of the proletariat? Does it matter? If I were Hillary, I'd be tempted to show up to the next Summit of Great Importance in a paisley minidress, thigh-high boots and an ermine shawl. Talking Point:  How ya like me now? ...more

While I agree with all of the comments that way too much attention is given to Hillary's ...more

Are Democrats Losing Their Hold Over Women?

Politico had a great article today on women in the Tea Party movement. ...more

...I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about me. And the part of the article where the author ...more

Justice for Aung San Suu Kyi: End Male Power Structures

by Chris Lombardi...more

About Martha Coakley

by Diane Vacca Attention, all candidates and wannabees: Learn a valuable lesson from Martha Coakley.If you want to win, don’t take anything for granted. Fight as if your political life depends on it, because it does....more

It’s not too late to phone bank for Martha Coakley. Elections are won and lost on Election Day!

I have been obsessing about the Massachusetts senate race for the past few weeks....more

What's Sarah Up to Now?

I'll betcha Sarah Palin's mother had to ask that question often when she was a child: What's Sarah up to now? ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part II: The Ricochet Dance

I am a total sucker for any book, story, article or exposé that shows us "how they do it all."  Not because I think I will learn something, though I often do, but more because I want to see that my ricocheting lifestyle of careening from one duty to the next isn't so unique (it isn't, right?!).  I take comfort in seeing other adults  in action doing the ricochet, too. ...more

I've often thought that the perfection/do it all-all at once construct was something devised ...more