Mob Wives!

Last night was the second episode in VH1's reality show "Mob Wives". I'm surprised at how each of these women are likeable in their own way, even though I would probably be terrified of them in real life. My favorite so far is probably Drita D'Avanzo, a street smart, pencil thin but tough as nails mom trying to hold her family together while her husband serves his second stint in a federal prison. Then we have Renee Graziano. Her father is big in the mob, although currently in prison....more

‘Real Housewives of NYC’: Does Kelly Belong on Shutter Island?

If any of you were craving a hallucinogen and didn’t catch Thursday night’s ‘The Real Housewives of NYC,’ then you missed out on the biggest trip of your stinkin’ life! For those of you who did watch, seriously, WTF did we just witness? After having experienced Kelly’s unprecedented psychotic and paranoid meltdown, I don’t think I can ever eat jellybeans or lollipops again. Let’s discuss how the crazy got crazier: The Crying Game...more

Tina Fey: Fallen Feminist Icon or Just What We Need?

The funny lady has been taking some serious flack lately, but maybe her controversial commentary is exactly what feminism needs. ...more
@SocalMom Hey, that wasn't funny!  (OK, poor attempt at humor on my part. :-)   )   Yes, I know ...more