Women can be a Successful Blogger too !!

Last week I was asked by one of my male friend that why the hell did I not do any job and I waste time in blogging? What am I earning from this? Why am I wasting my precious years in writing stupid blogs? Why mostly women spend their time in this kind of stuff?...more
Hi Natalie - my own blog, Techipedia.com, has been maintained by me since 2006.  I was ...more

PSYCHIC ZODIAC. What Women Want 2009-style. A Rant on the Current State of Women and Power

If you know anything about the Goddess myth, and I confess I know a thing or two, then you know the Wise One, also known as the Crone, has been silent about all the shenanigans and turmoil swirling about us, circa 2009. Well, no longer. She is speaking out now -  agahst at the scope of the mess we find ourselves in - economic, political, cultural. She believes, in large part, this sad state of affairs has occurred because women are still locked out of positions of power. The current debacle and series of crises and scandals, one after another, seem to  come at the expense of women. ...more

INSPIRING STORIES - We are indeed Fighters!

Women are indeed FIGHTERS!!! A Great Example is Gold medallist Kerryn McCann fighting to save self and baby. Courtesy of  http://www.news.com.au/ ...more