Orange is the New Black has Me Seeing Red!

I applauded heartily—all by myself–though I sat in a packed house at The Hartford Stage last Thursday night....more
I don't have an issue with creative sentencing. If appropriate, people could work off their ...more

Grow Where You're Planted

The Kindle is the crack of the timid, I'm convinced. I am so in love with the thrill of the transaction; first, seeing the beautiful book cover in vivid color, then clicking on the Buy Now button, and then having the book lined up with all the others, each showing exactly what percentage of them I've read. When the Visa bill comes, I pay it online and then slip it in the drawer. No one needs to know how far down the road I have gone. I go on little binges....more

Net Activists Push for the Release of Jamie and Gladys Scott

Jamie and Gladys Scott have been in a Mississippi prison since 1994, serving two consecutive double life terms for an armed robbery in which no one was injured. Moreover, they insist that they were not involved, and testimony from a trial transcript published online has witnesses contradicting themselves. ...more