Hold The Sarcasm

 How can I support you arriving at a solution?   Risa is a transition coach who helps women design and achieve positive financial and personal goals.  Visit - ...more

One More Mile

If you want to feel better, get moving. Put your body in motion. Motion moves emotions. If you want to calm your feelings, ground yourself....more

The Love Doubts That Complicate Your Mind

I believe that one person working on a comitted romantic relationship can improve it. A person seeking relationship growth gains some i...more

You Can Do Better

Mystery Shopper.  Sounds interesting, right? Do you know any employed and successful mystery shoppers? I'm not saying they're not out there ...more

You Give Fashion A Bad Name

Makeover shows reek. Fashion "experts" spew and snipe. Hey Joan Rivers, I love your wicked wit but ...more

Second Chances

Follow the glass road at: http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/video/2010/061810.htm  <...more

Weight Loss? Not On My Plate

  A 3 part plan to enjoy the power of your body combines healthy eating, exercise and a purposeful mental approach to balancing your weight. Nutrition and movement are important and so is your approa...more

What Moves Me

Last Wednesday morning as I began my 3 mile walk just before dawn, I was repeatedly stung by an angry yellow jacket on the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades. I never saw it or them....more

Up Front

I find resonance in certain unadorned words and what they represent. Clean and simple. Direct. A word that has been on my mind lately is solace; to find comfort in....more

Up Close and Amazing

The eyes have it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrSZVj6IqXA&feature=fvw...more