Female Scientist with Asperger's Syndrom Rising Above Discrimination

Hello All,This is my very first blog posting, so bear with me. I am a future female scientist with Asperger's Syndrome. I was home-schooled, and started college when I was 16 years old. Many people like to judge me and assume I am not intelligent due to my social awkwardness. Some also like to judge me because they assume a female cannot do well with math and science....more
DanielaS i am an female aspie. Hope to hear more, and will be keeping up with your blog.more

Amazing Women in the Yucatan!

Two weeks ago I met a stunning group of women. We were all citizen science volunteers on the Ray of Hope Expedition 2015 to the Yucatan. Our goal was to take ID photographs of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, and to obtain 30 genetic samples from Mantas. The Whale Shark goal was awesomely met, the Mantas were elusive, but the group of women on the expedition made the trip more than worthwhile. (There were absolutely wonderful men on the trip…but Wednesday is for women! Sorry, guys.)...more

Dear Sir Tim Hunt

Late last week a few comments in relation to female scientist were made.you can read some of the words that were said here in this article...more

BlogHer--Why Not Live Up To Your "Empowerment" Tagline?

For a network that purports to advance and "empower" women, BlogHer is doing very little to advance women in science.In my travels, I connected with another woman scientist that also feels she's beating her head against a brick wall to get BlogHer to feature anything but mindless "fluff," and feature some articles on what women are doing in their respective scientific fields.  Each time we suggest, we are met with, "We'll pass that on :)."  Yes, with the smiley.  Shaking my head here.......more
bakeatmidnite Nicely put ;) I've sent it out via twittermore

Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Dies at 61

America's first woman in space, physicist Sally Ride, died today at her home in California at the age of 61 after a bout with pancreatic cancer, according to news reports. President Obama expressed sadness and admiration for "a national hero and a powerful role model" in a brief statement. NASA administrator Charles Bolden praised the woman who "literally changed the face of America's space program."...more
I really, really, really want a t-shirt with her picture on it that says Ride, Sally Ride. She ...more

Exploring the Role of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

It’s tempting to cast the role of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as one of struggles and battles because of their sex, rather than as one of contributions because of their minds. But for Women’s History Month this past March, and for this Diversity in Science Carnival #14, our focus has been the role of women in the enterprise of STEM. ...more
Love article. Am doing talk too for Women's History month about women in STEM. Would love to get ...more

Women in Science Who Changed Our World

When you think of scientists, you think of the greats, like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo Galilei and Nikola Tesla. But what about the women scientists? Our world would be lacking without their contributions to science and research....more

For more on Anna Freud, see "Freud" in he FreudPsa e*archive on THE APP on javari, including a ...more

NASA Scientist Felisa Wolfe-Simon Challenges Life as We Know It

What happens when a woman questions the status quo? Could it be that she can change the concept of life as we know it? It's possible. ...more

No, I'm in CA now. It's fun to visit. I hope all is well in N.O. It's fun talking to someone ...more

2009 L’OREAL-UNESCO Women in Science Awards

With all the current anger at certain corporations it is easy to loose sight that many corporations do honor and support diverse communities. Corporations have and continue to support their communities.  The 2009 L’Oreal-UNESCO Women In Science Awards presented five scientists with $100,000 each in recognition of their work. ...more

Diversity in Science – Celebrating Women Achievers in Science

The second installment of the Diversity in Science Carnival has been posted at Thus Spake ...more