Science Medley: Now with more (hope for) diversity in science

It's once again time for me to cast some link-love in the direction of the scientific bloghersphere. Science bloggers have been writing again about (the lack of widespread) diversity in science--and the popular perception that all scientists (and particularly science professors) are white men. Instead of providing you with my own disquisition on the subject, I'm going to provide an annotated list of some of the best recent posts I've found on the subject. ...more

This is a great post.  Thank you for providing your insight to this manner and bringing these ...more

Scientists and Femininity

A couple of days ago, Dr. Isis provided advice to a self-described "overweight girl lacking even a pretty face" about the ways women scientists (or any scientists) can get noticed: by doing brilliant science and packaging it effectively. Her post reminded me of a discussion also involving Dr. Isis--and one that focused in part on the packaging of women as scientists and as science bloggers. The challenge of Dr. Isis ...more

Thank you for posting this.  This is a great community and I am amazed at the fantastic stuff ...more

I Blog for Science - Blogging Scholarship Finalist. I need your vote.

I Blog for Science - Blogging Scholarship Finalist. ...more

Women, science, and the election: the candidates weigh in

Quick: Do you feel Title IX has increased opportunities for women in academic science as much as it has led to greater equity between men's and women's athletics programs? If not, how can you ensure its more even application in academics? ...more

"All this woman is doing is Spin, Bias, Context-dropping, and Alledging discrimination to get fame."

I just got an intersting reply to one of my interviews I did with a surgeon from the UK. The reply said:  "Spin. Bias. Context-dropping. This doctor seems to have built her fame & fortune on alledging discrimination. -female"   I wasn't sure how I felt about this reply.    ...more

Are You An Engineer?

You might not know this but you might be an engineer. More on that later. Over at Why All Things Lead To Chaos there is a post entitled Engineers Demystified that shows how extensive the misperception of women in engineering can be: ...more

I'm making the correction. Ladies, can we start using classical womens names as blog name on nom ...more

It's just that women have never liked math and science. . .right?

Once again, someone has claimed that women aren't pursuing degrees and jobs in math and computer science because we just don't want to be there. You know, just like women have never been president of the U.S. because none of us want to be president. In response, the tireless Aunt B. of Tiny Cat Pants is asking women to share their experiences in learning--or, in some cases, attempting to learn--math and science. Check out the comments for some horrifying stories, as well as some horrifying responses, such as the amazingly asinine "If you don’t want a man to look at your cleavage, don’t wear tops that reveal anything. It’s really that simple." ...more

Women aren't stealing men's places in the scientific professions

Over at Advice Goddess, Amy Alkon asks if we should encourage women to pursue scientific professions: Why should we push women to be, say, physicists (to correct some perceived imbalance -- as if the gender of a researcher should matter) if they'd rather be, say, veterinarians? Or...sell advertising space. Alkon links to one of Steve Sailer's posts on the Lawrence Summers controversy. In it, Sailer writes that Harvard is now "boosting less competent women, blacks and Hispanics at the expense of the more marginal men, whites, and Asians" in the sciences and mathematics. ...more

from Zuska...

"It's so, so difficult to let go of that defensiveness, to see that privilege ...more

Petition against Lawrence Summers speaking to UC Regents succeeds--with some backlash

Last week, on my personal blog I shared a petition asking the University of California Regents to rescind their invitation to former Harvard president Lawrence Summers to speak. An excerpt from the petition: ...more