The 5 Stages of Grief After Finding People on Facebook

I made the mistake of searching for an old friend on Facebook the other day. We’ve all been there.  I mean, you spent four years with these people in high school… where are they now? I went to high school with this person, and that was about 18 years ago, so you gotta figure that since I haven’t heard from her in that long (and vice versa), we weren’t that close.  But her name popped in my head, and I was just wondering what had become of her!  I had some time to kill while dinner was cooking.  Nothing like avoiding doing something actually practical, right? To my amazement, I found her pretty quickly!  She was married with kids… pretty normal fare. But then I recognized one of her friends.  And then another.  I noticed that she was still friends with people from high school. As in she was still friends with almost everybody we knew in high school. ...more
@terrilynnmerritts I can see how it would be interpreted that way. But, I am not ashamed, I am ...more