I Can't Resist a Mystery with a Cat

  Jugs, a cat with gleaming green eyes who can broadcast his thoughts to his guardian. Bingo, a chubby feline based on the author's adored cat, Boomerang. Miss Marple, a savvy cat who enjoys napping in the Haven't Got a Clue bookstore. Merlot, Chablis and Syrah, three delightful felines who star in the Cats in Trouble series....more
@ElaineFaber  @ElaineFaber  I hit send too soon! Meant to say that Thumper sounds llike quite ...more

TATTOOED: Pamela Callow Writes Another Smart, Sexy Legal Thriller

  Recently, I sat down with Pamela Callow to talk about TATTOOED, the latest release in her wildly successful Kate Lange series. MK: The response to book three has been fantastic. What was your inspiration for Tattooed? I remember that DAMAGED, the first book in the series, was based on a criminal case....more