Why Moms Love Startups

I’m a stay at home mom from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have two girls, ages 10 and 12, who attend a local public school. For the past dozen years, I’ve opted out of the formal workforce to ensure my top priority is raising the kids. While at home, blogging enables me to stay involved and connected to various family-friendly projects and networks....more

What Men (and Everyone, Really) Can Do To Support Gender Equity in Tech

I recently received this thoughtful question about the role of male allies in solving the gender imbalance in the tech industry: As a guy in the tech industry, I honestly don’t know how to fix most of the issues… I do want to help, but like many other guys I don’t know the best way to do it. I recognize and accept that there are biases and barriers in our industry, but I don’t on know what can be done. ...more
wanek Thanks! That's lovely to hear from someone at NCWIT!more

Calling All Entrepreneurial Women: Announcing BlogHerEntrepreneurs '12 This March

If you're a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the Internet or social media, we are bringing back a unique opportunity that we launched in 2011: Register now for our second annual BlogHerEntrepreneurs Conference, focused on business, entrepreneurism and technology, which will take place on March 22-23, 2012 at the Citrix Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, CA....more
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Get Your Ada Lovelace Party Going

It's Ada Lovelace Day. Since BlogHer is all about supporting women in engineering, science, technology and math, we have a whole lotta Ada Lovelace party happening right here. ...more
@Gamingangel It's fabulous that GamingAngels is providing scholarships to young girls to go to ...more

Women in Tech: Whitney Hess, UX Designer

Whitney Hess is a user experience (UX) designer. She blogs about technology and customer experience at Pleasure and Pain. She works with companies like Happy Cog and consults with startups and major corporations. On Twitter, she's @whitneyhess. ...more

Tech Entrepreneur Terri Jenkins Is Truly Awesome

She's been in the SEO and PPC business for sixteen years. Sixteen years! You don't find that kind of longevity and expertise in many web-based businesses. She owns a company that enables her to do the thing that is closest to her heart: find young women with marketing backgrounds and train them to be both expert marketers and technically confident and authoritative, too. ...more

I really appreciate the nice job you did drawing me out and writing about my love of mentoring ...more

Thank YOU Liz Strauss for helping me own my fingers

Image by jdlasica via Flickr SOBC...more

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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by Recognizing Geeky Librarians

Ada Lovelace Day is one of my favorite blogging days. The only problem comes in deciding which of my favorite geeky women to honor. It's a tough job - and we can all do it! Join the rest of the Ada Lovelace Day bloggers and blog about your own favorite women in tech. ...more

That's the nifty thing about geekyness, there's always room to geek out - more - bigger - ...more

Are Computers and Technology Still a Man's Domain?

So are there really more men experts in the computing field or does it just seem that way? That question is part of an ongoing and raging debate about women in technology. From women missing as top speakers at technology conferences to little girls shunning computers for something less boring is male dominance in the field a reality or an illusion? ...more

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The Technology Blogs Said That?

It's time for a general wander, gander, meander among the technology bloggers who fill the BlogHer blogrolls. What in the world have these women been saying among themselves? At dotfiveone, ubergeeke took a moment to mention the Linux Pro’s ROSE Gives Verdict On SCALE, in which she pointed out something about the number of women at the Southern California Linux Expo. ...more

to articles I consider useful, but I do it as a way to create a bookmark for myself in many ...more