Changing Places

Although there may be times in life when we'd like to change places with others, our path will still remain the same. It is not for you to be in another person's experience, then it is for them to be in yours. From afar, there are those whose life seem to be more comfortable or successful than yours but you all have your own way to go. It is the lessons learned that is vital to your existance not the material things that you can attain. You are given what you need to live a life which is right for you....more

Getting Off Track. Climbing Back On.

Start With Your Eyes

Times are tough, no doubt about it....more

Spooky: What Do You Want to Be?

Halloween is the day kids get dressed up to look like their dream person. Will they be a princess, pirate, clown, queen, vampire, Cleopatra, Lady Gaga? It’s fun for them to think about and it often take weeks for them to decide.   What about you?   It’s Halloween and I’m asking you the same question. What do you want to be? If you could be anything you wanted – and time and money were no object – what would you be? An entrepreneur, business woman, artist, sculptor, writer, corporate CEO, inventor…WHAT?...more

Flight of Fancy

Have you been on any good solo field trips lately? Set aside an hour or two and traveled outside your comfort zone to do something you love that you haven't done in a long time? Personal to you....more

Show Us Your Symphony

Anyone can complain. Moan. Gripe. It is far easier to take something apart than innovate something new. I'm more interested in what you are building....more

The Day Tilted

I went to the hospital by ambulance immobilized and strapped to a backboard several years ago after a car wreck.  I was driving alone on my way to work on a snowy spring morning and my car was totalled....more

I Don't Ask For Much! Just A Country Home Somewhere In Georgia...

 So purely out of frustration, I email my lawyer to ask, "what's the dang holdup?!" Why is it that folks  (women) of the world can work their a** cheeks off and don't reap the benefits!? Ok, so I was a bit steamed....more

Hello Highlights!

Exercise and refresh your mind and body . Increase healing....more

Calm Contributors

What's playing in your head?...more