How Women can Travel Alone without Being Stupid

When I traveled solo on business trips more than 30 years ago, I experienced negative and skeptical reactions from hotel receptionists, waiters, and even other travelers. They assumed I was a loser who couldn't get a man to accompany me or a floozy looking for some action in the back of the lobby bar. I enjoyed proving them wrong....more

Enjoy the Ride!

When I first started this journey of the event that triggered this was the death of my husband.  If you do not know that story this would be a good time to grab a coffee or a cup of tea and go back into our archives of this blog and do a read through.  It was a very emotional time, but the saying that life is a circle and from death, life will spring forward again.  ...more

For Independence Day: Solo Travelers!

During my first trip to Disney World in 2005, I had dinner at Chefs de France, which I was a little nervous about (there’s no bartop dining here, and I wasn’t sure if the restaurant would be filled with couples and families). As it turned out, it was one of the best solo dining experiences I had at Disney World, and the food was divine.-- Solo Friendly ...more

Pam, thanks for writing this and providing a wonderful cross-section of blogs by women who ...more

Travels in India: Q&A with Author Beth Whitman

Beth is the author of Wanderlust and Lipstick: For Women Traveling to India. She also blogs about travel on her site. ...India is Beth's second book for women travelers. I talked with her about traveling in India - what's hard, what's not, and what is it about India that's so unforgettable? Let's cut to the chase. What do you think it is about India that gets under your skin so? I've heard travelers say there's no place that leaves you changed the way India does. What are your thoughts on that? ...more

I have done most of my longer trips (3 months to a year) alone and have always gotten a ...more

How Ireland nearly did my head in – How guided tours get gory

Generally, guided tours aren't my deal. Something to do with not being a herd animal, and something else to do with the risk inherent in entrusting my life and happiness to a potentially overzealous herdsman whilst crammed into a minibus with any sort of mammal for hours at a time. Very few scenarios can push me to a guided tour, like fear for my life, for example, as was the case in a Salvadoran national park at night, or a desire to see more of Ireland than Dublin pubs through the creamy blur of Guinness goggles, which is exactly how I found myself on a minibus just a few days ago. ...more

And you're very right, by the way. The trips I've done that didn't go wrong SOMEHOW, well, I ...more