The Phenomenal Maya Angelou

  Maya Angelou, Wikimedia Commons ...more

When Will Female Authors Get the Respect They Deserve?

It’s not really that easy for a writer, and in particular a woman writer, to make money. Or is it? For the first time in history, women writers are actually making “gobs of money.” ...more
 @Lisen Stromberg  @sassymonkey I do think part of the lack of respect for women authors is ...more

Medieval Women Writers

I had long wanted to tell the stories of the medieval women writers Julian of Norwich, first woman to write a book in English, and Margery Kempe who wrote the first autobiography in English although she was illiterate. I finally got my chance in A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH, The Monastery Murders 2....more

Call for brief essays in book on women and politics by 5.31.12

Do you have something to say about politics or politicians in the US? Would you like to be published in our upcoming book? We want to hear from you! Sugati Publications is calling for short essays for the upcoming book 51%: Women and the Future of Politics. The book will explore how women’s voices can have a significant impact on the political agenda and shape the future of politics. The publisher is seeking short essays and comments by women across the United States from a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and political perspectives....more

Is There a Gender Gap In Literature? recently published an article from Laura Miller entitled “Literature's Gender Gap.” It followed on a survey by the literary site Vida that showed female voices are underrepresented in literary criticism, both in books by women and lack of women among the reviewers themselves. While that was pretty logical, it was the leap of logic that Miller took in the rest of the piece that did me in. ...more

Ellen, I love that you pointed out a flaw in the methods of the Salon article. May I also ...more

Six Writers Who Saved My Life

During a job interview a few years back, the Chair of the English department asked, Why English? I didn’t have to think of the answer. Literature saved my childhood. It filled my loneliness and the many silences I tolerated as a child with words and characters and worlds I had not known. ...more

What a poignant post by Marina about the six authors who made a difference in her life! The ...more

Recommended Reading: Two Memoirs on Aging

Gaea Yudron Sage's Play Exploring creative aging, wellness and spirit

Author/Blogger Ananda Leeke is hosting DC She Writes meet up on September 29 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Teaism

Calling all DC area women writers! Join me for the DC She Writes meet up on September 29 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Teasm, 400 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC (located at the corner of 8th and D Streets, NW; visible from the National Archives stop on the green and yellow line). Click here to rsvp on Teaism is an Asian-inspired teahouse that infuses the cultures of tea and the ideals of teaism with the informality and casualness of America....more

It's all about new friendships

I would never have guessed that my life would be so different after telling my Children 2010 story at a theater here in Los Angeles. I met one amazing woman who I bonded with and from there I am now a volunteer marketing director on her website. That led to me joining all these blog sites and finding more and more amazing women writers. I have now found myself submitting my stories on websites, blogs and anywhere that will accept my stories. It has been a life changing event....more

Back to School Memories: Mademoiselle's "College Issue," Sylvia Plath and Me

It always amazes me when Staples starts running that "most wonderful time of the year" ad because kids are going back to school and their parents are so happy.  As we whose kids are grown and gone know, those summers are irretrievable treasures.   I was thinking about all that and suddenly, oddly in fact, remembered my own favorite "back to school" memory.   ...more

Loved hearing about your memories Cynthia! Thanks for sharing. It is definitely fascinating ...more