INTERVIEW: Nicole Blades On Writing 'The Thunder Beneath Us'

Are the events of our past forever fault lines in our future?  In Nicole Blades' new book, The Thunder Beneath Us (Kensington, Fall 2016),  she chronicles the life of Best Lightburn, a young woman with a charmed life who harbors a painful past that she has tried to deny. ...more

Happy Halloween: Spooky Books Written By Women

Last week, the folks at Women's Voices For Changeasked me to write a book review roundup of the best spooky stories out there, written by women.While I was working on it, I realized a few things:I have read a lot more very scary books written by men, than I have women. (The Dead Path still gives me the shivers, ages after I read it.)...more
Good choices.more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: and Horse Whisperers

I’ve discovered something humorous today on this honeymoon for one. Many of the people I meet here are travelers, just passing through - and with little time to waste before parting ways, we tend to open up to each other very quickly. I might spend an entire night engaged in deep, philosophical conversation with someone - from the US, Britain, Australia, Canada - and by the time that person leaves, we know each other better than many long-time friends back in our home countries....more