7 Super Foods for Women

A healthy, balanced diet helps you look and feel your best. However, some foods go beyond being merely healthy. These are dubbed super foods for their enhanced nutritional value and their ability to zero in on various aspects of your health and well-being. Here are some of the top recommended super foods for women. Greek Yogurt ...more
Here's a great treat to eat: mix one plain greek yogurt with some acai berry puree (thaw one ...more

More Women Diagnosed with Diabetes

An estimated 24 million people in the United States have diabetes, about 8 percent of which are women over the age of 20. While those numbers are staggering, a new study shows a growing number of young females are suffering with diabetes due to high stress jobs. The research, conducted at a Mumbai-based diagnostic center, shows young women in demanding office jobs are more likely to battle diabetes. ...more

Latest Health Craze: Coconut Water

American health nuts are now drinking Coconut Water instead of other 'life-enhancing' drinks such as acai berry and kabbalah water, as a natural way to re-energize and stay fresh!...more

Yes, You Can STOP Breast Cancer In It's Tracks!

Breast cancer develops when cells in the breast become abnormal. Scientists suspect that this happens because either a virus or a bacteria infects a few cells and causes a mutation. The mutated cells then attack other normal cells and force them to replicate more mutated cells. Your doctor will tell you there are certain risk groups that you might fall into that will cause you to develop breast cancer. These risk groups include:...more

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