5 Insightful Ways to Approach Strategic Leadership

"The Fish Rots From The Head" ...more

Are You a Good Leader?

By Dr. Suzanne Minarcine, Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public UniversityBad leadership does not have to be the result of negative intentions; sometimes poor leadership is the result of a lack of forethought and understanding of the organization’s mission. Are you a thoughtful leader?...more
AmericanPublicU True words in that article. Understanding your orgs mission and assessing where ...more

The 5 Signs of a Bad Leader

Not all leaders are created equal.   There are great ones, good ones, okay ones, and downright awful ones.  It’s okay, we’ve all said it before, either aloud or in our own minds, “How exactly did he/she get that spot?”My 17 years in Global 100 companies and non-profit service has afforded me the opportunity to experience the full spectrum from great to awful.  The beauty of experiencing it earlier in my career and even now, as I’ve progressed, even gives me greater perspective on how to navigate through it....more

Can't we all just get along?

Oh No! OMG! This is my reaction when the newscaster shares breaking news that 298 people lost their lives on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in the Ukraine. The worst part is that it appears it was shot down by Ukranian separatists thinking it was a military plane. The investigation continues to determine what really happened. I have a similar reaction to the continued fight between Israel and Palestine, particularly, Hamas....more

Are There Signs We Are Ready to Embrace Female Leadership?

Mighty Kacy Catanzaro (ht. 5 feet, wt. 100 lbs.) just made history on American Ninja Warrior as the only woman to complete the course at the Dallas finals....more

Why I Write This Blog

Have you ever wanted something so bad it kept you up at night?  You have envisioned this dream time and time again.  It has excited your soul and your mind.  It has kept your engine running.  You know with every fiber of your being you are not MEDIOCRE.Does this remind of you of anyone you know?Hi, I am Coach KimmieJ.I have many new readers to my blog so I wanted to formally introduce myself. ...more

First Female CEO of GM: Trend or Anomaly?

Starting at GM as a teenaged intern and rising to global product development chief, Mary Barra, now 51, has been made the company's first female CEO.  According to the LA Times, she is now the country's most powerful ...more